When shopping for kid clothes it is important to stay committed to your ethical values. When buying ethical kids clothes, you need to consider environmentally friendly clothing. They are good for your kid’s delicate skin as well as the environment. Most of these clothes have multiple functions, this gives you more value from the clothing item. Choose designs that last years and avoid the passing fashion trends that quickly go out of fashion.


Check and consider that the neckline has a good ribbed fabric that will help with the stretching during wearing and taking off the garments. Some of the tips to consider when shopping for ethical kids clothes include;

  1. Consider your priorities

Consider why you are buying the cloth or the purpose intended for the cloth. You may need to consider the climate, although most ethical kids’ clothes can be worn across any weather. It is important to also match the use of the clothing with the fabric it is made of. Consider light weight fabric for pajamas and daily wear and heavy fabric for cold weather.

  1. Materials and fabrics

If you intend to buy ethical kids clothes, you need to consider eco-friendly fabrics and materials that have a positive impact on the environment. Organic cotton is the most suitable and popular eco-friendly fabric recommended in the manufacture of kids ethical clothes. It is way better than regular cotton and any other synthetic fabrics in terms of production process, effects on the kids’ skin and the environment, durability and even disposal as waste. Organically grown cotton has longer and stronger fibers with better quality yarns as compared to conventional cotton. Avoid polyester components.

  1. Chemicals used

Chemicals are highly used in the fashion industry for manufacturing of clothes. The chemicals used in manufacturing clothes contribute to the effects of the cloth on the kids’ delicate skin. This also affects the environment directly on indirectly causing air and water pollution. Organic cotton does not undergo any chemical treatment during the manufacturing process. Some chemicals used in production may weaken the fibers therefore reducing the life span of the item.

  1. Do your research

Most clothing brands are likely to have a corporate social responsibility policy. When selecting a brand to purchase your ethical kids’ clothes, read through their websites and learn about their policies and their priorities. Transparency is also very key when selecting a brand you would wish to patronize. It is important to know as much as you can about the brand from the production process to the workers employed and any other necessary information you may deem as important. A brands transparency also helps to build customers trust and is likely to retain and also attract more customers.


Certified organic cotton ethical kids clothes are the best long lasting clothes to consider when shopping for kids clothing. You may also need to consider clothing that allow for growth, these can still be worn after a growth spurt. Look for cuffs on arms and legs that can be turned up and down, also look for hems that can turn up or down. Elastic and drawstrings are suitable for pulling in and also stretching. Fastenings are also very important in kids’ garments. Although they are easy to fix, ensure the buttons are stitched firmly to the fabric and will not fall off within the first few wears. You may want to avoid zippers as they are relatively hard to fix. This will improve the longevity of the clothing. Always check for the accessories. You may consider purchasing kids organic clothing at yarrov.com.