Growing cannabis is rapidly becoming a lucrative business idea. The number of cannabis consumers is increasing every year and growers are capitalizing on this trend, not only for the profits, but also for innovation in the cannabis space. Currently, there are a number of cannabis seeds that you can try.

The seeds range from those that can be easily cultivated by even the newbie growers to the complex ones that require some level of expertise to produce a higher yield. In this article, we will look at some of the consideration that you need to make when growing blueberry seed.

What are blueberry seeds?

Many people regard blueberries as a superfood with a rich measure of nutritious components and flavonoids. It is blueberries are primarily consumed for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. But this article is not about the typical blueberries.

DJ Short blueberry seeds are of blueberry seeds are seed categorized for a specific cannabis breed. Many people regard the Dj Shorts blueberry seeds as landraces because DJ shorts blueberry is a pure indica that is best suited for a calm night at home.

Its calming effect is ideal for an indoor setting, at home and maybe in the company of a close friend. It is not the strain that you would recommend for parties or night outs. When consumed, the DJ shorts blueberry creates a blissful good cheer and an overall body calming effect that is perfectly suited for the evening – not so much for the morning.

How to grow blueberry seeds

When you want to grow blueberry seeds or any cannabis seeds for that matter, it is important to know that cannabis has four main growing stages. The first stage is the germination stage. This is when the cannabis seeds sprout for the first time out of the ground while its tap root extends dep into the soil.

The second stage is the seeding stage when seeds develop into a baby plant. This is one of the most delicate stages in the plant’s life. Only a few leaves are present and the plant is highly susceptible to humidity and heat.

The third stage is the vegetative stage. Here the juvenile plants grow rapidly and add a lot of mass to the plant. The stems are formed and the branches increase to support the fanning leaves. Then there is the last stage which is the flowering stage.

Mature plants start producing flower buds. It is this buds that will be harvested in the fullness of time and prepared in to an end product for eventual consumption.

Tips of planting seeds.

1. Decide whether to grow indoors or outdoors

Outdoor growing is more exposed to the natural elements which makes these plants more nutritious, and more potent. The major challenge with outdoor growing is that your strains may be exposed to stray pollen from low quality males and this can ruin the quality of your subsequent cannabis generations. Indoor growth is a more controlled venture. You can grow indoors all year round as long as you can perfectly regulate the lighting, the humidity and other parameters that are required to grow cannabis.

2. Are you going for the auto flowers?

Autoflowers were first introduced in the early 2000s. Since then, they have rapidly increased in popularity. They are essentially those seeds that do not require the adjustment of the light stage to start flowering. They will begin flowering when they are sufficiently old enough. This makes them the most idea for beginners who are just getting started with Dj short blueberry seeds for sale.

3. Buy the feminized version of the autoflowers

Feminized seeds are beneficial in the sense that they do not require the male plants so that they can start flowering. They are perfectly capable of self-polling using reverted male pollen. With feminized seeds, you also do not have to struggle removing the male varieties once the plants germinate.


Growing Dj shorts blueberry seeds is relatively easy when you select the right seeds and set the right growing environment for your cannabis. You can get additional growing information from the instruction labels provided when you buy the dj shorts blueberry seeds for sale from a local store or from a seed bank.