Unlike straight hair, curly extensions such as I-tip extensions need extra care to maintain their well-defined and stunning curls. If you want to add more shine and bounce to your naturally curly hair extensions, we have bought you a few essential tips for healthy curly extensions.

#Choose the right shampoo and conditioner. 

Use sulfate-free shampoo

Choose products specially formulated for curly hair containing essential oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado, and sunflower oil. Moreover, use a mild shampoo that has gentle cleansing agents as well as conditioning agents. Always use conditioning after shampoo to help retain hair moisture.

#Pre-shampoo treatment 

If you are wearing very coarse or curly hair, it is a must to carry out a pre-shampoo treatment. While there is a popular belief in using conditioner only after shampooing, you can also condition your curly clip in human hair extensions for a better result. Conditioning before and after shampooing helps retain the hair moisture and protects the natural oil from stripping off.

#Hot or cold water

Wash your hair gently.
Wash your hair gently.

Always choose cold water over hot water to wash your naturally curly hair extensions because hot water will strip off the essential natural oils and leave them dry. In contrast, cold water will retain the hair moisture and make it look lustrous and healthy.

#Avoid over-shampooing 

Shampooing your curly clip in human hair extensions is not a good idea as it can remove many essential natural hair oils. To find out your best tip for healthy, great-looking hair, experiment with the different cleansing schedules to see what works best for you. In general, shampoo your hair every after 3 days.

#Choose the right brush or comb.

A wide-tooth comb is preferable while detangling
A wide-tooth comb is preferable while detangling

Curly clip-in human hair extensions are usually dry and prone to breakage. So when you brush or comb them, they tend to break and fall apart. To avoid this, always brush or comb them during the shower when they are wet. First, start with a wide-tooth comb to release any tangles and knots. You can also comb your hair while the condition is still in your hair to help conditioner coat all of the strands and make it easier to untangle. When looking for a hairbrush, ensure the high-quality one with a natural bristle instead of plastics since a bristle brush ensures a proper spread of natural oil all over the scalp and hair.

Another best alternative is, choosing not to use any comb or brush. Try leaving the conditioner in your hair and then raking through the wet hair with your finger.

#Heat-styling curly hair 

Heat Styling Curly Hair Extensions
Heat Styling Curly Hair Extensions

Air-drying your curly clip-in human hair extensions is one of the greatest favor you will do to your hair. A blow dryer can make your hair appear dry, frizzy, and damaged. If you have to use a blow dryer, make sure you apply heat protectants before you blow dry them and look for the presence of keratin or silicone-containing protectants. Silicone or keratin-containing protectants can help seal the hair cuticle and make it more heat-resistant.

Moreover, keep 6 inches or more distance between the blow dry and the surface of your hair to protect your hair from heat damage.


These are everything you need to know before you decide to straighten your naturally curly hair extensions. Now that you know, are you ready to experiment with gorgeous curly clip-in human hair extensions?

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