Tips to Find Beginner-Friendly and Cheap Vapes in NZ

Are you planning to quit cigarette smoking and transition to vaping? Vaping is a healthier alternative and can be one of the best decisions ever. Although vaping still involves nicotine-containing juices or herbs, unlike tobacco, the smoke inhaled from vaping doesn’t contain carbon monoxide or tar. Additionally, vaping can save you money in the long run, especially if you buy cheap vapes in NZ stores.


Cheap doesn’t mean low quality. Some of the leading vape stores in the country often offer clearance sale promos to beginners and seasoned vapers. However, if you’re new to this community and have no idea what to look for when buying affordable vapes and accessories, we’re here for you.


This article lists some helpful tips on how to look for and purchase your first vape at a bargain.


How to Find Quality and Affordable Vape Devices and Accessories

Before visiting an in-store or online vape shop to buy vaping devices and accessories, consider the tips below.


Start with a basic device.

Unlike a cigarette with a standard length and form, vapes come in several shapes, sizes, and operability. Some vapes are easy to use, while others have modular and customisable parts. If you’re a beginner, choose a less advanced device with much simpler operability.


Pod and pen-style vapes are ideal because of their close similarity to a traditional cigarette’s shape and operability. These types of vapes are the best for beginners. They are also small and convenient to store in your pocket. They are your grab-and-go device that automatically functions with a simple button push or puff. Most importantly, you can also find disposable pods with built-in batteries and pre-filled juices.


Keep an eye out for clearance sales.

Now that you know what kind of vape devices to look for, you’re ready to browse an online vape shop or visit an in-store location. If you do, ask if they have items on clearance sales or promos for beginners. This question can save you money and help you win some practical deals, especially if you’re not ready to invest in an expensive vaping kit.


Don’t worry about getting the newest vape model if you’re a beginner. You’ll get there eventually. Transitioning to this alternative may involve adjustments. You shouldn’t commit to an expensive and complicated vape device immediately. Over time, you’ll get to know your vaping style, vape juice preferences, and the type of device that works best for you.


Learn more about vape maintenance.

Aside from the short-term money-saving tips mentioned here, you can save long-term if you ask the right questions. When you visit a vape shop online or in-store, ask about vaping maintenance and care, especially if you’re buying a reusable device instead of a disposable one.


If you decided to buy a vape with a replaceable coil and refillable tank, read up on how your choice of e-liquid, coil resistance options, and sticking to your vape’s recommended wattage can make a big difference. Proper maintenance will keep you from needing a new vape for a long time.


The world of vaping has a lot to offer to beginners like you. To enjoy the best vaping experience, you must take the first step and find your device. Good luck!