Fantasy Premier League is one of the most viewed and played Fantasy Football contests. The league has already started on Aug 6, 2022, and will go up to 2023. An opportunity for all the football fans to showcase their game in the long contest and enjoy with friends. However, the popularity of the Fantasy Premier League makes it quite challenging and competitive for all. The fantasy football expert tips will increase your winning chances and help you win high rewards. 

Here are the tips to make Fantasy Premier League a strong season in 2022-2023 

  • Avoid investing in Goalkeepers: Only one goalkeeper will be able to play each week out of the two. You can buy one expensive goalkeeper and ensure the backup is the cheapest. There is no sense in wasting your budget on buying 
  • Wait for a long to make transfers: There is no sense in buying or changing players at a high price and it is better to wait until the last moment to make your team changes while playing on Vision11. Waiting to make changes will help you in begging for the best replacement. As soon as the team managers will reveal their team players, it will help you to see which players are available for the transfer. 
  • Strong players on the Bench: Due to the high-level competition and unpredictability in the game, a fantasy football player has to plan for the future. Ensure that you have two decent players on the bench in case of any injury or dropped out. Be confident and mindful while investing in extra players. Don’t just buy the bench player for the sake, as they can turn the tables when no other player is working. 
  • Beat Price fluctuations Trap: After each week of the contest, the player’s price will fluctuate depending on the demand of the players in the FPL community. If you are planning to invest in any popular player, do it at the beginning of the Fantasy Premier League to avoid blowing off your budget on one player. Ensure that in the emotional rush; you are just not investing too much in a single player.
  • Keep up with the bargain players: At the beginning of the Fantasy Premier League, you will get to know about the form of all the players. Some popular players might be sold at low prices and the new ones at high prices. The price of the player will largely depend on their form in the last match and on the demand in the present football contest. There will be some surprises like Jarrod Bowen sold at €6.5m, after the quoting price of €8.5 m. 
  • Manage the Chips: Fantasy Football experts believe that don’t waste a single chance to use all chips available in your Fantasy Premier League team. Make sure you are not taking chips like a wildcard or a triple captain to the end of the FPL as you might not be able to use all chips and they might waste due to irresponsibility. 
  • Choose Captain Carefully: If you are dead serious about the game, you must invest time and put some effort into choosing a valid captain. Your skipper will get you double points in the Fantasy Premier League 2022-23. It is better to invest more in hiring a better team captain than only buying expensive players. Create your playing XI wisely. 
  • Use Wildcard wisely in the FPL: Usually, in the Fantasy Football Premier League, a fantasy user gets two wildcard chips in a single season. One in the first half and the other one in the second half. The temptation of using wildcards, in the beginning, is quite high, but be mindful and calculative while using them. Use the wildcard chips when you want to overhaul your squad and not when looking to make one or two changes. 
  • Learn about your team’s Set-Piece Takers: Knowing free kicks and penalties takers in the Premier League will be beneficial for you. Usually, defenders are masters of taking the set-piece and scoring huge additional points for the whole team.  


Hence, Fantasy Premier League has started and football fans are going crazy about the game. Who doesn’t like to win the game title and money by playing FPL on Vision11? Hope the above expert tips will help you to make it to the FPL finals. For more such quirky tips, keep reading Vision11 blogs. Play your favorite sports on vision11- Fantasy Sports App