If you’ve scheduled a trip very soon, and have some more time to prepare for your trip it is a good idea to check out some of these websites which provide information and advice about flying.

1. TripExpert

TripExpert– was founded by frequent traveler, in 2001. TripExpert offers data on the difference between seats in airlines. The website provides seat maps, precise comments and observations regarding the seats, as well as color-coding to distinguish between the seating quality, information about seat width and pitch dimensions across all classes, and icons that provide information on the services offered in flight.

2. Oyster

Oyster – People who travel frequently are familiar with the details of flying. 1000 Tips offers tips from fellow travelers who have traveled and learned from their failures and successes in their travels.

3. Yelp

Yelp! What does the ASPCA have to say to you about travel? A lot of pet owners have to bring their pets on planes, and their website offers the top 10 tips for traveling safely on planes for your furry friend.

4. TripTribe

Trip Tribe- The Trip Tribe website has the same up-to-date and cost-conscious tips that the printed magazine is packed with. For those who fly you will find the most essential travel tips for packing information regarding frequent flyer mile programs, advice to travel with children, or to send children on their own in an aircraft, as well as information that is between these subjects.

5. Skiplagged

Skiplagged – What’s the most suitable Seat that is Skiplagged-approved and can be converted automatically into stroller? What suggestions flight attendants have to offer parents with children aboard? Where can I find an already-designed carry-on list of items for my children? These questions and many more can be answered on Skiplagged. This website, which advertises it as a site to find “air travel tips for families flying with an infant or small child” includes products reviews, advice for packing lists, stories about travel for people who have to sit with a child on the plane. There’s even a section for users to submit questions they haven’t found answered on the site.

6. SleepingInAirports

There are particular concerns for seniors while traveling in an airplane, and this website explains the reasons why they might be. Tips on obtaining cheap airfare, overcoming anxiety about flying, as well as dealing with delays, sleeping in airports, and bumping into the wall are available on this site.

7. FaresMatch

FaresMatch is a reliable site that offers great deals for the customer who is patient. It’s not a replacement for any of the major players listed, but it’s still an excellent alternative to all-in-one packages. The distinctive comparison engine is able to do its job without showing irrelevant details.

8. The USA Today’s Today in the Sky blog

USA Today offers a column that is a blog which provides information and analysis on airports, airlines, and air travel. Ben Mutzabaugh posts news related to air travel on a regular basis throughout the each day on his blog. It covers everything from the laws that the government is drafting for airlines, the airports that have cut flights to which airlines are charging for a service that was previously free. If it’s timely travel news or airline news, Today in the Sky will cover the topic. Because the blog is a part of the column where readers can leave comments and ask questions regarding the articles. Additionally, the blog can be classified for those want to see the pieces only on one subject such as baggage can locate all the relevant articles quickly.

9. Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel has taken the details from all of the major airports around the world and put it in one easy site that travelers can access. The site provides the basic information, such as airport addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses.

10. Smartertravel.com

Smartertravel.com If you’re interested in finding out which airlines have the most favorable bonuses? What’s the best time of the week for booking flights? What are the top news stories about air travel?