Though cannabis strains such as automatic Fast Buds seeds can tolerate heat well, heat stress is always a risk if the plants get too hot, too hungry or too dry. Some strains may look like they are tolerating the heat stress well, but eventually, they may end up producing lower yields and low- quality buds.

In spite of giving adequate water, nutrients and sunlight, if you find your cannabis plants looking pathetic, you should consider they are suffering from heat stress.

In this article, we will cover the signs of cannabis heat stress and look at the top 3 ways to save your plants from heat stress. Check it out!


As suggested by various reports, the ideal scenario to grow auto-flowering Cannabis indoors is at 24 degrees Celsius, with a humidity level of 75%, which should reduce down to 30% during the flowering period. One of the revealing signs of heat stress is when the edges of the leaves begin to curl upwards, exhibiting a dry and withered look. Along with looking unwell, leaves will slowly start to develop large brown spots or blotches that manifest in irregular shapes, primarily along the edges of the fingers of fan leaves. These ugly scars are usually accompanied by yellow patches of discoloration. As the temperature rises, fundamental cell functions become increasingly challenging to carry out, resulting in deteriorating plant health. You will see both yield and quality of your harvest getting compromised if the cannabis heat stress is not addressed promptly.

Read on to find the top three methods to prevent and treat heat stress.


To protect your cannabis plants from direct sunlight, you need to provide shade to them. Just because Cannabis plants will be under the shade, it does not mean they are not getting plenty of light, in accordance with CO2 and nutrients. Allowing your plants to adapt to the shade is much better than stressing them by intense sunlight. Moreover, it’s crucial to choose only those strains that can resist extreme conditions, like Purple Punch Auto fem or Strawberry Banana Auto fem. The best thing about these strains is that they can endure heat stress with no issues and perform extremely well, whether indoors or outdoors.

You just need to keep the plants in shade during 12-4 pm when the daytime temperatures are at their most brutal. There are many ways to shade your plants and it can be something as simple as a large mosquito net or very thin fabric.


One of the excellent ways to grow autoflowers all year round is by building a short-sized polytunnel that will keep your autoflowering plants inside. It is the tunnel where the real magic happens. If you have used the suitable materials to build the tunnel, it will stand the test of time, being able to withstand heavy rain, excess heat, wind, and snow.


In comparison to black plastic pots, which are known to absorb the sunshine and cause a serious increase in temperatures around the roots, it’s recommended to use white-colored pots. Even during the hottest part of the day, white plastic pots can do a much better job of staying cool. Moreover, make sure to protect the roots of your cannabis plant from cooking on a hot patio floor by raising them onto a white stone slab or a layer of white stones. The white stone not ony remains cool but also ensures the air around the base of the pots is much more comfortable for the plants.

To Conclude

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