Ecommerce has become an ever-growing industry in the past few years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. As online business grows in popularity, we’re seeing more and more apps that help make ecommerce businesses run more smoothly than before. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular apps you can develop to boost your ecommerce business and take it to the next level!

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1) Order Tracking App

Customers who want to keep track of their packages can now do so from their mobile devices. In addition to live tracking info, customers will be able to view detailed information about estimated delivery date and time as well as a range of shipment options. Since you’ll have access to your customer’s email address, you can send them a link via email that will take them directly to your tracking application.

2) Product Search App

This app makes it easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for by allowing them to search by keyword. It can save your customers a lot of time and effort, while making them more likely to make a purchase.

3) Customization App

A custom app can be used to add options that are not available on a website. This is something that customers would appreciate, giving them more control over their shopping experience. If you run an ecommerce business, you know how important it is to always try to offer your customers a better and improved service or product at all times. In fact, adding an app for customer-tailored experiences will only contribute to improving your brand’s image in society and with investors as well.

4) Analytics App

All ecommerce businesses are built on data. Use analytics to track customer data, employee data, and sales data. Knowing your customer’s preferences will not only help you predict future behavior but also gain a competitive advantage over other brands in your niche. With an analytics app, you can see how many customers browse through your products and where they spend most of their time. This helps you make informed decisions when it comes to improving your website design and making changes that result in increased sales and conversion rates.

5) Gift Card App

As you’ve probably seen around town, one of today’s hottest apps is a mobile gift card app. It allows your customers to buy electronic gift cards to any store or restaurant in your area and redeem them instantly on their phone or device. Gift card apps for e-retailers are valuable because they give customers flexibility and convenience, two main reasons why people shop online and choose digital over traditional retail in 2016.

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If you have an ecommerce business with physical products or services and want to offer customers mobile access to purchase items or receive promotions, creating an app might be a great way to connect with potential customers. Here I have mentioned five different types of apps you can develop for your business.

With such a large selection of apps available, there are plenty of opportunities for innovation in your e-commerce business. Each of these apps has a significant benefit to your customers that you can capitalize on by developing it. And by developing them yourself, you ensure that they’re tailored to meet your exact needs and offer exactly what your customers want to see. Now get out there and start creating some kickass apps!

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