Before I discuss what poker chip sets you ought to be seeing, I ought to most likely characterize the terms and perhaps find precisely the exact thing it is any of us ought to consider the “great” poker chip.

Like all things, there are fluctuating degrees of value in poker chips.

From the least expensive plastic poker chip you can get up at the neighborhood Piggly Wiggly to the fired and dirt chips utilized at gambling clubs around the world, each sort of poker chip has its own vibe and weight, as well as its value and even engaging quality as a poker chip.

Low-End Poker Chips

These chips are totally made in mass amounts by means of infusion shaping. Their key credits are inexpensiveness and consistency. Goodness, and the way that you will not waste any time assuming the canine eats a couple.


Modest, universal, and forgettable.

Found exclusively in youngsters’ toy boxes and casino days online “game room” (also called his carport, in the middle of between the washer-dryer combo and an “exemplary” ’76 AMC Pacer).

Grocery stores are extraordinary spots, by and large, they ought to never be viewed as a shop for betting frill. The best thing about plastic poker chips is you couldn’t care less in the event that you lose them.

There are a couple of levels of value in the plastic poker chip world, yet what difference does it make? Haven’t arrived to discuss modestly. We’re here to discuss “best.”

Fake Clay

Fake mud chips, as the name suggests, are not made of earth, however of some exclusive substance that gives the chip a heavier vibe and a cleaned surface (like the chip were covered in a powder-like material) that makes them definitely less elusive than the less expensive chips.

Most places you check will tell you these are entirely satisfactory for home play. Try not to trust them.

Mid-Range Poker Chips
Like the low-end chips, mid-range chips are infusion-shaped, however, changing recipes make the chips of better seen (and genuine) quality.

“Decent” Plastic
This sort of chip really rides the line between low-end and mid-range quality poker chips.

This chip frequently has a metal supplement installed for the weight (poker chip devotees refer to this as “slugged”), and the infusion cycle makes the chips strikingly uniform.

These are really sturdy, and keeping in mind that they may not be ice breakers, they are very useful in the home poker room.


Composite chips are heavier and in this manner have a more “favorable to quality” feeling than even the “decent” plastics. They are produced using a mix of plastic and mud and are typically slugged for weight. Composite chips can experience the ill effects of being tricky (because of the plastic).

Like plastic and artificial earth chips, composite chips are infusion formed, which makes them less expensive to create in mass amounts.

Top of the line Poker Chips

These are normally the thing individuals are searching for when they need a high-level arrangement of poker chips. They look, feel, and play very much like club-quality chips — which ought to shock no one since they are constantly a result of one of the small bunch of gambling club chip producers on the planet with live casino games.


Artistic chips ride the mid-reach and top-of-the-line size of poker chips. Ceramics are esteemed exceptionally to the point of serving on the tables of numerous clubs, as well as the World Series of Poker. Not at all like the less expensive plastic and composite chips, earthenware chips are produced utilizing pressure as opposed to infusion forming.


Regardless of some weighty rivalry from fired chips, earth chips stay at the highest quality level.

Earth chips are what clubs all around the world use. They have a gravity to them (10 to 13.5 grams, normally) that composites and plastics — regardless of their metal supplements — essentially don’t have. This is odd, in light of the fact that mud chips are frequently made with similar fundamental materials used to make composite chips. The distinction, obviously, is in the recipe, or equation, to get finicky, and I can see that you do.

So don’t envision that referring to them as “dirt” signifies they are really involved in mud alone.

Makers monitor their recipes strictly, however, a few insiders say earth chips are in many cases made utilizing chalk or even fine sand to both hold them back from being excessively delicate or excessively fragile (both unfortunate results of the relieving system these chips go through).

Without the added substances, dirt could never be the most ideal decision for poker chips — without help from anyone else.

A favorable to even out dirt chip, then again, will keep going for a really long time of home poker games. (The different parts used to make a producer’s “great” chip for the gambling clubs is, tragically, likewise a recipe that makes chips that should be supplanted routinely in the consistent play requested by the gambling clubs.)

Your home poker game will no question not put your chips under very that degree of stress. In any case, remember that top-end earth chips are more inclined to scratches, so it’s likely not a smart thought to let your canine (or your baby nephew) bite on them.

The top-end gambling club quality mud chip will have a rich vibe without being delicate, and its weight will let your fingers know that it is genuine cash you are throwing into that pot.

The Best Poker Chip Sets (Finally!)

At the point when I took a gander at the different contributions of poker chip sets for this article, I disposed of from thought practically everything except those highlighting either earthenware or mud composite chips — generally in light of the fact that I’m a showoff, yet in addition, since I envision you are perusing this to get great gift thoughts (or to treat yourself), and a ten-dollar set of plastic poker chips from the Dollar Store is likely not what you have as a main priority.

#1 Yin Yang Clay Poker Chip Set

This 500-chip set highlights two decks of playing a card game, five dice, a seller button, and 500 13.5-gram earth chips (each chip is slugged for the extra weight). The essence of each chip contains a realistic of a poker hand, and the chips come in groups of 1, 5, 25, 50, and 100.

This all comes bundled in a helpful aluminum conveying case and retails for about $180, despite the fact that you can track down it as low as $60. This chipset is accessible at Discount Poker Shop.

#2 Showdown Poker Set

This 1000-chip set comes not in the typical aluminum “portfolio” but rather in a reasonable acrylic box, complete with a handle for simple conveying and ten removable chip plates for use during the game.

The chips come in eight tones, and you might actually choose the amount of each shade of chip in the set. There are no categories set apart on the actual chips. Evaluated at around $230, this chipset is produced by Claysmith Gaming and is highlighted on the Brybelly site.

#3 Rock and Roll Chip Set

This 200-count set of 13.5-gram mud chips from Claysmith Gaming arrives in a wooden merry-go-round total with two decks of cards.

Not for the 10-seat Texas hold’em games in your carport, perhaps, however positively a tasteful method for playing a few four-or five-seat family games.

The chip groups are completely adjustable from a quarter on up to $10,000 (I might want to participate in that game). With a cost around $56, this is very nearly a smaller gift. Accessible on the Claysmith Gaming site.

#4 Nevada Jack “Skulls” Poker Set

Nevada Jack makes ceramic poker chips for both gambling club and home use, and these 10-gram chips, each with their unique cap wearing skull in the decorate, all resting serenely in a dark mahogany case (it could undoubtedly be confused with a stogie humidor, or perhaps a coffin for a doll) are the perfect stuff for your next poker party.

The set incorporates 500 ceramic chips, two decks of playing a game of cards, and a seller button. You can track down this set on Amazon for around $300.

#5 Custom Chip Set

From the Poker Depot comes a completely adjustable mud chipset.

You make major decisions here, including the number of chips (100-1000), the tones (and the amounts of each), the categories, and even the designs, name, and text of the decorate (“Gabby’s PLAYERS CLUB” is displayed in their model, however, you can evaluate your own thoughts with their intuitive customization) on the front and back, the decision of aluminum or mahogany cases — you can go through hours simply playing with their customization interface.

In any case, in the end, you’ll have to go with a choice.

A 100-count set of these dirt chips will run about $90, while the 1,000-chipset will impair you by about $600 (a charge, permit, seller prep, as it’s been said).

Evaluate the customization interface (regardless of whether you intend to purchase today) at the Poker Depot.

Falling Where They May, Your Chips Are
Thinking back, I see that there is actually no ideal poker chip set — essentially not one that is ideally suited for each taste, fashion awareness, or financial plan.

The best poker chip set for you (for all intents and purposes for each and every individual who plays poker) is one you can manage. One is adequately versatile to suit your necessities (which may not need movability by any means, now that I consider it).

The chips ought to feel significant and satisfying in a material manner you may not see from the get go however will late night of furiously playing with them as you watch your cousin win a large number of pots, all on the waterway he never ought to have found in any case.

They ought to likewise be of distinctly differentiating colors so you can precisely survey the worth of the scattered heap your cousin generally hauls his pots into, the fortunate bastich.

The case, whether it is a rack sitting humidor-looking mahogany coffin or a smooth aluminum locking case James Bond uses to convey state privileged insights across worldwide limits — indeed, that is completely a question of taste.

Incidentally, great dirt chips will break directly through a Target shopping sack, likely before you get across the road to your cousin’s carport and club. Simply a tip.

The decks of cards and the vendor button? Indeed, those are great, yet cards break down, and what’s so amiss with involving your nephew’s pacifier as a button? That is the very thing my cousin needs to be aware. Also, I, God pardon me, might want to tell him.