An emerald cut that has its past connections from its origin in the 15th century to its peak in the art décor era of the 1920s and 1930s. To understand the subtle reason behind the beauty and elegance of emerald cut we need to discuss the history and symbolism, which will put you in a better place to decide whether it’s the perfect choice for you or not.

Emerald cut diamond rings

Emerald cut diamond rings are generally rectangular or square depending upon length to width ratio with slightly strapped corners which provide stability to the ring. It has an elongated parallel step-cut all around the rings which adds extra elegance to the rings. Generally, they are the rings with larger surface tables which enable more attention towards the center stone. With nearly 58 facets, emerald-cut diamond rings reflect the light in a much better way.  

emerald cut eternity band on finger

5 Reasons to buy emerald cut diamond rings

1.4 C

Irrespective of the whatever rings you must consider the essence of these 4c’s i.e., cut, clarity, carat, and clarity before buying. The best is to examine the color, cut, and carat of the diamond and compare them with any other type of shape you like. The cut is a very important part of any ring as the shining of the ring solely depends on this one thing.  As a poor cut makes rings look dim so better be cautious about cuts before buying the ring.

Color is always a matter of personal choice when buying a ring. Just make sure that the color of the metal goes well with the whole diamond ring. Emerald-cut diamonds cannot hide color because of the large number of facets. To find the best color for your diamond is itself an ambiguous task. If you like more warmth in your hand or a cooler ice-like appearance. Since the emerald cut is open to appearance any color within the diamond. Third ‘C’ i.e carat which is the weight of the ring majorly influences the price of your diamond ring. 

The last and the final c i.e., clarity which is the most important aspect of any ring. Clarity means how flawless your diamond is. Flawlessness in a ring refers to the clean and perfect cut of the ring. With an emerald-cut diamond ring, clarity is the most important.

2. Settings

Truly speaking, an emerald cut looks beautiful in any setting. There are a few settings that are pretty popular with the emerald cut diamond like solitaire, three stone ring, or as an accent to add elegance to your center stone. Also, you can try an emerald cut eternity band on finger for a sophisticated experience.

3. Shape

Emerald-cut diamonds generally have a large, open table and step-cut which gives the ring a hall of mirrors a mesmerizing look. Most emerald cut diamonds have a length-to-width ratio ranging between 1.30 to 1.50. A ratio of 1.40 is considered an ideal setting. However, it’s a matter of personal preference so feel free to try different shapes before buying

.4. Versatility

It looks beautiful and elegant irrespective of the setting you choose which makes the diamond perfect for customization. For an engagement or wedding ring, feel free to use it. The emerald cut fits into your versatile category of jewelry perfectly and gives more space to explore your enigmatic beauty.

5. Cost 

As emerald cut diamonds are rarer than many other diamonds they might cost you on a higher side but their price is still less than the round cut diamond ring. Emeralds do look larger due to their bigger table surface area. So if you want to stretch your budget it would be a perfect choice for you. As with less carat weight it also looks bigger than any other ring of an equal carat.

6. Comfort

If you are considering an emerald cut ring to wear for daily purposes then you must check the bandwidth and size. The emerald cut’s most suitable setting is the prong one. Also, it allows the diamond to look above and makes it look better. 

We hope in this article you got to know about various aspects of an emerald cut diamond ring. Stay tuned to know more about diamond jewelry.