The royal wedding card background is a major theme in making rounds currently. The wedding card is the very first impression that your family and friends get about what your event is going to be like. Did you know that Isha Ambani’s wedding card was worth a whopping three lakhs!

 It did go down into making the headlines, after all, it is not every day that you get to witness an extravaganza like this! Now, since not all of us are the Ambanis or the Hiltons, nevertheless, we need our slice of the limelight too. 

Hence, picking out the perfect wedding card is an important deal. For this, we bring to  you the top 5 royal wedding card background to check out: 

  • The Navy royal wedding card background idea

This theme is quite popular lately and for all the right reasons. The idea is to mimic the Victorian-style Scroll. This offers the wonderful old-world aesthetics that is synonymous with royalty. 

The background is a dark Navy color and Cream-colored calligraphy for the inscriptions. A wonderful pick, we would say, if it is the Royalty vibe you are aiming for. 

  • The Gold Cameo royal wedding card background idea

This one is neat, clean, and Classic. Nothing spells royalty better than the color White. Combine this with Gold and you have yourself the perfect Wedding card idea. This comprises of White background the neat Silhouettes that remind us of the Victorian Cameos. 

With the Cut-corners in Gold across all the four sides, the idea scream sophistication. A must-have if it is the Royalty you wish to evoke in the minds of your guests. 

  • The Green Paisley Royal Wedding card background idea

This one is unique and a current hot favorite among the class. The theme comprises the ‘Playlist fonts’ for the inscription done in Paisley Green color. The background is the classic White and the combination is fun yet regal at the same time. 

The font is Calligraphy inspired and appears much like a handwritten letter. A great idea, if you ask us, that will hit home and make the right impressions on the right people. 

  • The Red and Gold royal wedding background idea

Red is a special color in Indian culture. We simply cannot get enough of Red and Gold for our festivities. This time around it is the Wedding card background in this lovely combination that is ranking among the popularity charts.

Get the likes of the sample above in order to be able to make it look Royal yet Indian enough for everyone to relate with. The background is deep red with Calligraphy on top in gleaming gold fonts. Also, the fine floral design on the opposite corners of the card makes it joyful yet classic at the same time. 

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  • The Blue and Gold Royal wedding card background idea

This one is a pure classic. Nothing appears more royal than the color ‘Blue’. This wonderful creation in Royal Blue and Gold is a perfect pick if you have been trying to get the right wedding card idea for yourself. 

The background is a Royal Blue with Gold floral pattern. The Calligraphy is in soft romantic fonts, much like the ancient roal writing in Gold. 


Well, there you have it my dear couples. These are our Top 5 royal wedding card background for 2022. Take your pick and make the right impression with the invite that is a ‘true royalty’ in the making.