When a user tries to establish a connection with a financial institution or credit card processing server, QuickBooks returns error code 350. The most recent transactions are downloaded automatically when you link your bank or credit card account to QuickBooks Online. You won’t have to enter the trades, saving you time manually. 

You should periodically refresh your bank or credit card connection to ensure the accuracy of your financial information. Quickbooks error 350 can occur if your bank’s connection has expired or been updated. In the blog post, we have outlined some easy steps to fix the banking error.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 350

  1. The banking connection failed with error code 350.
  2. Invalid connection; please try again.
  3.  The PNC Bank login failed.
  4. An incorrect answer was provided to the security question
  5. The bank’s online banking system is currently down for maintenance.
  6.  Problems with QuickBooks connecting to the bank server
  7. Error code 350 in QuickBooks can also be caused by corruption in the company file where recent banking transactions are stored.

It is common for QuickBooks Online customers to encounter Error 350 when attempting to link to a bank or bank’s credit card account. You may run into trouble when attempting to obtain bank feeds from your bank account or trying to match the security questions. There’s also the possibility that QuickBooks cannot connect to your financial institution’s servers. It’s also possible that QuickBooks Error 350 is caused by corruption in your company file, in which case running Verify and Rebuild data within the program should fix the problem. The steps below will eliminate any hiccups you may have experienced when using the app.

Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error 350

Method 1: Rebuild and Verify the Data

  1. Select “File” from the panel’s left side to open a new document.
  2. To rebuild your data, go to the utility menu and select that option.
  3.  When prompted, select OK and decide where you’d like to store the new copy of the company files.
  4. Please be patient as the data is rebuilt. A notification will display when it’s done.
  5. Select Utilities from the File menu.
  6. Choose the option to Run Tool to Verify Data.
  7. Allow the program to scan the file for errors in the data.
  8. For any problems that QuickBooks has found in your business file, select Rebuild Now.

Method 2: Investigate the QuickBooks Log File for the Cause of the Problem Manually

  1. Simply press F2 on the QuickBooks main page to access the Product Information
  2. Finally, press F3 to access the technical support menu.
  3. Proceed to the Currently Open Document
  4. The log file should be located, and the Open button should be clicked.

Method 3: Fix the Bank Connection

  1.  Head to Banking and click on the affected account.
  2. Tap on the “Sign in to your(bank’s name)” link.
  3. Put in your username and password for your online bank.
  4. Pick out the bank and credit union accounts you want to connect to Quicken.
  5. Select the Next button. (At this point, the “OAuth” window will close.)
  6. To view the newly downloaded transactions, choose Update.

Method 4: Fix the error by checking and recreating the data.

  1. Use the steps below to confirm and restore any corrupted data in your organization’s file:
  2. Launch Quickbooks, go to the File menu, and select Utilities >> Verify Data.

Verify data utility Screenshot

  1. If you receive the “your data has lost its integrity” error, use the Rebuild utility to restore the corrupted files.
  2. Choose Utilities from the File menu once more.
  3. Select Rebuild Data to run the utility for data repair and then hit OK when the backup popup window for the company file appears.

Rebuild data utility Screenshot

  1. To save the file, select a saving location and confirm with OK.
  2. The process of rebuilding the database will begin immediately.

Method 5: Manually check for corrupted data.

  1. You can check for data corruption by reviewing the error information in the QuickBooks log (qbwin.log) file.
  2. QuickBooks has a product information window that can be accessed from the homepage by pressing the F2 key.
  3. Please press F3 to access the Technical Support menu.

product information window Image

  1. To find Log, head to Open File and look around.
  2. When the log file is located, select Open and look for the error message and the bad transactions that caused QuickBooks error 350.

Method 6: Perform a manual account update to fix Error 350

  1. Select Banking from QuickBooks’s left menu.
  2. Go to your banking page and select the Update button.
  3. The Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) credentials must be entered if prompted.
  4. Go ahead and update by clicking Continue.

Final Words

Quickbooks error 350 happens when the program cannot establish a secure connection to a financial institution’s server for processing credit card transactions. A possible cause of the error is server maintenance at your financial institution.

I hope the methods mentioned above will help you to fix this error code. But, If you need help then feel free to contact our QuickBooks support team at +1800-615-2347.