Entrance exams like CAT are a part of the MBA admission process, and they are the hardest and most competitive exams. These exams are designed to evaluate the potential of the candidates who wish to enroll in a course of study that requires the completion of an MBA degree. The admission of a candidate to an MBA program is based on the test scores, essays, and personal statements.

The entrance exam is designed to test the overall intelligence of the candidate, his/her analytical skills, and his/her writing skills. The MBA entrance exam can vary from a single subject test to a multiple choice test. These exams are taken around the world and are held in different forms.

Here are some of the top 8 tips that can help you to score well in the entrance exam and stand out of the crowd.

  1. Research and practice

There are several websites that provide free CAT past year question papers and explanations. Most of these sites also have sample tests that you can study from to gain an understanding of the exam format.

  1. Create a good strategy

Plan your strategy in advance, and then study the topics that will be covered in the exam. You can use the strategies provided by different websites and books to prepare for the exam.

  1. Read the question carefully

Take a deep dive into the question and try to understand the objective. If you understand the objective, then you will understand the question.

  1. Know the correct answer

Always know the correct answer to the question. If you don’t, then it will be difficult to answer the question correctly.

  1. Eliminate distractions

Don’t focus on social media while you are studying. Avoid checking your emails or chatting on Facebook. You will have to spend your time on the exam, and this will distract you from concentrating on the questions.

  1. Take breaks

Take short breaks during the day and study for a short period. You will feel much more relaxed if you can take a break.

  1. Prepare for the interview

Prepare for the interview by practicing the questions that will be asked in the interview. Practice answering the questions that you can find on the internet or in your books.


These are the top 8 tips that can help you to score well in the entrance exam and stand out of the crowd. So, use these tips and make your life easier. You will be able to cope up with the pressure and will be able to perform better in the entrance exam.

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