The Best New Features and Changes in Angular 13 

The latest version of Angular has a lot to teach you. So, let’s look more closely at Angular 13 and its new features and core updates. 

Getting help with TypeScript 4.4 

TypeScript 4.4 can now be used with Angular v13. It means that we can now use many great parts of the English language. They also stopped supporting TypeScript 4.2 and TypeScript 4.3. One breaking change in TypeScript 4.4 that is good for Angular apps is that it no longer implements setters and getters to get the same type. To get in-depth knowledge in the latest versions of angular, fetch with AngularJS Training in Chennai

Angular Tests are getting better. 

The Angular team has made some important changes to TestBed, which now works well to tear down test environments and modules after each test. Since the DOM is now cleaned up after each test, developers can expect tests to be more optimized, less dependent on each other, less memory-intensive, and faster. 

100 percent Ivy, and View Engine won’t get any more help 

The View Engine does not work with Angular 13. All of the new version is now made of Ivy. Angular 13 doesn’t have any View Engine-specific metadata or older output formats, so the codebase is easier to understand and costs less to keep up. 

All of the framework’s internal tools have already been changed to Ivy so that this change will go smoothly. 

Ivy puts together each part by itself, which speeds up the development process. For libraries made with the latest version of APF, you no longer have to use ngcc (Angular compatibility compiler). 

The development team can expect compilation to go faster now that metadata and summary files are no longer needed. 

Ergonomic APIs 

Angular v13 has made it faster to load by using code-splitting APIs that are easy to use and breaking up code at a component level. Performance has also been improved with the new version of ESBuild. 

ESBuild is a JavaScript bundler that works very quickly. Now, it works with terser to improve scripts used all over the world. It works with CSS source maps, which allow global CSS to be optimized as well. This JS bundler also works with Vue, Svelte, and Elm, which are all framework languages. 

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Angular CLI Enhancements 

One of the important portions of the Angular Puzzle is the Angular CLI. 

Few developers can handle how complicated web development is today, and the Angular CLI protects them from most of that. 

With the release of Angular v13, this framework now automatically works with a persistent build-cache. It is a feature that saves the results of a build to disc. It can increase the rate of growth by up to 68 percent. 

In existing Angular apps, you can turn this feature on or off. 

No Longer Support for Internet Explorer 11 

The Angular framework has stopped supporting IE11 so that it can take advantage of native web APIs and modern browser features like CSS variables and web animations. 

It lets applications load faster, has a smaller bundle size, and gives users a better experience because there are no IE-specific polyfills and no need for different loading. 

Some institutions or authorities that still use Internet Explorer 11 and haven’t switched to Microsoft Edge or other modern browsers will notice this change. 

Adobe fonts can be used inline

With the release of Angular 13, Adobe fonts can now be used inline. 

These fonts can make an app work better by making the FCP run faster (First Contentful Paint). Now, by default, everyone can see this change. All you have to do is ng update.


Here, we discussed the important features of angular 13, To know more advanced features in the latest versions of angular. Upgrade yourself with AngularJS Training in Coimbatore and become an expert.