Most businesses, institutions, and government agencies have photo ID card systems. Identification cards serve various purposes. Let’s take a look at some:

Functions of ID cards

  • Enable real-time tracking – ID cards with passcodes make it easy for institutions or businesses to track the movements of individuals inside their premises. For instance, they can track people’s in and out times and all facilities they access. Some photo IDs can also be used to track the hours worked by employees.
  • Security reasons – This is one of the main functions of photo ID cards. Some areas of institutions or businesses premises are usually out of bounds for non-employees and will require an ID scan to access. This helps prevent security breaches.
  • It’s great for branding –  Photo ID cards usually have a brand’s logo and colours. So, when an employee is outside the company’s premises, the photo ID they carry promotes the company. Some people who see the photo ID will want to know more about the company they work for.
  • Builds good between employees – Some companies have hundreds or even thousands of employees. One of the best ways of helping them identify each other is to create company photo ID cards for each.

Photo ID card printing services in the UK

ACB Ltd has been printing top-quality photo ID cards for businesses, the NHS, universities, colleges, and schools for more than two decades. Some benefits of using our photo ID card service include:

  • We provide physical and digital IDs at the same time
  • You can request prints from various locations
  • We use an encrypted, cloud-based data ID system

If you don’t have a design for the photo ID card, our skilled graphic design team will help you come up with a tailored design that reflects your brand. We provide single or double-sided printing, magnetic stripes & encoding, and offer signature and barcode options. If you make an order, your cards will be ready within 48-72 hours and we can send them over by mail. Get in touch with our team today if you need an affordable photo ID card printing service.

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