Independent living communities are a great option for seniors, but before you sign the papers, make sure that your new community checks all of your boxes. Here’s what you should ask about before moving in to Supported independent living Melbourne.

What is the best location?

With so many factors to consider, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want from supported independent living Melbourne. For example, if you’re single and live alone, then a community in an urban city center may be ideal for you. 

However, if your family and friends are all located far away from where you live now, then an independent living community near them might be the best choice.

You should also think about whether or not it would be helpful to live close to any major hospitals or medical facilities. 

While having these nearby is very beneficial in case of emergency or serious illness, they can also make noise pollution more likely during regular hours and cause traffic congestion on roads leading up to the facility. You’ll have more freedom if this isn’t something that concerns you!

What type of atmosphere is preferred?

If you’re looking for a quiet place to relax, an supported independent living Melbourne might be the right choice for you. If you want to be around other people and have plenty of activities and opportunities for interaction, then an active adult community may be better suited for your needs.

supported independent living Melbourne 

A good way to get a feel for the atmosphere of your prospective community is by visiting during their open houses or attending one of their open houses on weekends when families from within the community will be present. 

It’s also important to ask whether they provide transportation services because these can vary widely among communities and should definitely factor into your decision-making process.

What are the community demographics?

As you begin your search, ask how many of the residents have special needs. What is their age range? How many are over 60 and under 60? Where do they live on a scale from urban to rural? Are there areas where people congregate more than others, or is it a place where individuals can go about their own business without feeling like they’re being watched.

What meal plans are offered?

To answer this question, you’ll need to know the types of meal plans offered at a facility. What are the options? Are they flexible? If so, how much can you customise your meal plan and what is the cost? Are there any additional fees associated with different meals, such as a la carte menu items or special dietary choices?

Ask all necessary questions before moving to supported independent living.


The bottom line is you want to be sure that the independent living community that you choose is the right fit for your needs. If you’re not sure about any of these questions, don’t worry! You can always talk to someone at a senior living community to help you figure out what’s best. We hope this article has been helpful and informative as you consider your options.

Source: Top Questions To Ask Before Choosing An Independent Living Community