Are you planning to take your children out during the coming weekend? Well, if that is so, you can try using the Sun Peaks shuttle service and enjoy the breathtaking views of the wineries without worrying about how you will reach home at the end of the weekend. Most of these wine shuttle services offer service during the tours and pick up and drop off facilities at the convenience of the families. The transportation is arranged keeping in mind the requirements of all the small and large groups.

Leaving aside the silver star shuttle service, here are some other reasons why people like to visit wineries in our region often.

A chance to taste rare wines

For a wine connoisseur, there is nothing better than tasting authentic and rare wines naturally made at the winery. Most of the time when you are thinking about tasting natural wines, a winery is a place to be. Check out different wineries in the region that are offering wine crafted differently from their competitors. You must pull out time from your busy schedule and visit all the wineries one after another. Do not worry if you do not want to take your vehicle, the silver star shuttle service can help you.

Knowledge about the local history

If you take up the Sun Peaks shuttle service, which has a guide to explain the winery to your group, you should thank the tour service because you will get to know the local history of the wine-making process there. The best part about such wine tours is that they offer more than just the wine-tasting experience and an opportunity to learn about wine. You will get to know the local history which will only add up to your knowledge

Every winery in your region has its own unique history, and as you travel between wineries, you can extract the essence of the local history and how wine became an integral part of local culture, and much more.

Finding out about winemaking

It is a great and enriching experience to know about the local history during food and wine-taking events but you also have a chance to learn about the wine-making process.

With a good tour guide by your side, you will have more than just an opportunity to taste great wine but also to see and explore the rare wine-making process. The manual wine-making process is considered the best to date. You can see how the grapes are grown, and the further processes to turn them into wine.

This is a thousand-year-old process, but it is fascinating to see and experience it first-hand.

So, have you made up your mind to spend your next weekend at the winery? Reach out to us.

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