One piece of advice that has been preached over the years for skin care is to apply sunscreen to the skin. Well, people over the years have known one thing that they need to apply sunscreen when they go out. 


Though, this is highly wrong and incorrect. Just because one gets a day when they do not have to travel in or be in the sun, does not mean they should skin applying sunscreen.


 Sunscreen is known to protect our body not only from the sun but from other things as well. Sunburns are not the only thing that one needs to be protected from. The harmful UV rays can penetrate through the skin causing essential damage.


 Also, not all sunscreens are good for people in the USA where there is a varied temperature every 100 miles it is essential to use a herbal sunscreen in the USA as it protects one in different temperatures as well.

The main reasons why one should not skip the usage of sunscreen are –


1. Uneven Tans

People can easily get uneven tans on their bodies when they do not apply sunscreen. This is because the places where they applied the sunscreen in the past may get a bit of protection if it is still left on their skin. However, the other parts which are not protected by clothes or sunscreen will get tanned and a visible difference is present in both the skin tones. Hence, it become so much more important to apply herbal sunscreen in the USA.


2. Ageing Process becomes faster

The difference between a normal cream and sunscreen is that not applying sunscreen will cause damage to the skin’s collagen. Yes, that’s right it also leads to sagging of the skin as skin elasticity is lost. This happens as in the USA people’s skin is exposed to extreme temperatures. Applying herbal sunscreen in the USA becomes important to avoid the loosening up of the connectivity tissue and keeping skin elasticity intact.


3. Hyper Pigmentation and Sun Spots

Exposing the skin to the sun for even as little as 2 minutes can lead to red spots on the skin. This is because in the USA the Ozone layer has depleted from the core and our skin becomes prey to the harmful UV rays. To protect it apply herbal sunscreen in the USA. Hyperpigmentation and Sun spots do not go easily and are not a pretty sight to look at, hence it is better to guard your skin with sunscreen.

4. Apply even in winters

Most people in the USA go to beaches to soak in the sun, but little do they know that even though the temperature is cool, the rays of the sun still contain those harmful UV rays. Hence, apply herbal sunscreen in the USA even in the winters as it becomes really necessary to protect your skin from these rays. Excessive of these rays can even lead to skin cancer as studies have shown this. Hence, equip your skin with the protection of herbal sunscreen in the USA, to avoid any such thing.

Sunscreen is our only defense against the harmful rays of the sun. Hence, the right thing to do is to equip your skin with it. It becomes rather important that you use herbal sunscreen as it contains natural ingredients which are good for health with no adverse side effects.