This year’s safe fireworks night will be a huge success, especially if your display is unique!

How to Safely Transport Fireworks by Car

If you decide to host your own mini fireworks show at home, you will need to prepare the transportation by car. These simple, but sensible steps will ensure your safety.

  • You should verify with your vehicle’s insurer that fireworks transport is covered. You can still drive legally at 17 but you cannot buy fireworks until 18 years of age. We don’t make rules.
  • You should make sure that you get rid of any containers in your car that may contain petrol, diesel, or other flammable liquids.
  • Most fireworks come in sealed, spark-resistant packaging. Make sure to place each individual purchase in a container that is lidded and keep them in your boot.
  • It’s obvious that you shouldn’t smoke while driving or transporting fireworks.

If you are planning to put on a spectacular display to impress your neighbors, it is against the law to transport more fireworks than 50kg by car.


Tips For Hosting A Fun Yet Safe Display:

It can be hazardous to light anything with gunpowder in your backyard. We have compiled some tips and tricks to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable fireworks display.

It is a good idea to nominate a sober person to be responsible for the lighting of purchased fireworks. Make sure that the nominee is wearing protective equipment like gloves, eye goggles, and tongs. Only one firework should be lit at a given time (at arm’s length using a taper).

  • It is illegal to light fireworks after 11pm, except on 5th November, when fireworks can be used until midnight; and New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year when fireworks can be used until 1am the next day.
  • It’s easy to see why, but children should be kept away from the display.
  • Although it may seem obvious, you need to only buy fireworks online UK that are suitable for your garden. If you have a small display in your garden, you will need to keep at least five metres between your fireworks and your spectators. The ideal space depends on the size of the fireworks.
  • If a bonfire, sparkler or candle causes someone’s clothes and clothing to catch on fire, keep in mind the golden rule:

1) STOP at your current location

2) DROP to a nearby floor

3) ROLL to extinguish the flame.

  • These tips can help you host a safe fireworks show. However, it is possible for accidents to occur. This is why it is important to have home insurance to protect your home.

These guidelines should be shared on social media with family and friends to ensure everyone is ready for a memorable fireworks display.