Sydney is, without a doubt, the most famous city in Australia. There, you will be in contact with a real big city, with lots of people, busy traffic, lots of attractions, exciting nightlife and a huge variety of parks, reserves and beaches.

The city offers an excellent quality of life and as it has many shops, hotels and restaurants, this ends up generating many job opportunities. Something perfect for those who want to study and work in Australia.

Not to mention that, in Sydney, you will have access to the main postcards of the country such as the Opera House, the Harbor Bridge and the famous Bondi Beach. So, if you enjoy hustle and bustle and big city life, Sydney is your destination!


If you like cities with a more urban and alternative footprint, Melbourne is the perfect destination for your exchange. It is famous as an open-air museum because of its street art, historic buildings and a very intense cultural life.

In addition to all these qualities, Melbourne has been at the top of the ranking of the best cities in the world to live several times. There, you will have many options for events to go to, from fashion week to formula 1 racing. Not to mention that the nightlife is very lively.

But don’t think that in the midst of the cosmopolitan atmosphere you won’t have a place to relax: Melbourne has beautiful beaches for you to enjoy the sunny days of the Australian summer.


Known for its beautiful beaches, Gold Coast is the perfect city for those who want to feel the Australian summer weather all year round. The city is very modern, full of tall, mirrored buildings, in addition to offering quality public transport and a lively atmosphere.

Gold Coast is at its busiest during the summer and it is during this season that job opportunities are at their greatest. So, if you are thinking about going to do your study and work exchange there, be aware of that time.

Also, if you like to practice outdoor activities, especially surfing, this city is for you! This is where the first stage of the World Surfing Championship takes place.


If you enjoy that quieter country town atmosphere, Brisbane can be a good option to study and work in Australia. Even though it has a more rural appearance, it has everything that a large metropolis offers: Shopping Malls, several restaurants, quality public transport and job opportunities.

In addition, the city is full of attractions such as museums, galleries and outdoor fairs. On warmer days, you can enjoy the artificial beach that is located in the middle of the city, or take a day trip to the Gold Coast and enjoy the beaches there. Tourist Visa for Australia


If you are looking for an even quieter destination than Brisbane, Cairns is the ideal city. She is small and super quiet. There, you can do everything by bike and the locals are friendly and welcoming, you will be very well received!

Cairns is also known for being close to the Great Barrier Reef, a world heritage site, and a must-do while in Australia. You can also enjoy the artificial beach of the city, Cairns Esplanade Lagoon and even venture through the Waterfall Circuit, where you can visit more than 10 para disiacal waterfalls.

If you enjoy being close to nature and relaxing in your spare time, Cairns is your destination!


Considered Australia’s most “isolated” capital, Perth doesn’t let that be a bad thing. The city is considered one of the best to live in the world and has been increasingly highlighted by its economic growth, having many job opportunities.

In addition, its attractions leave nothing to be desired in relation to the more central Australian capitals and cities. Perth has a lot of culture, museums and art galleries, as well as idyllic beaches for you to enjoy on hot Australian summer days.

Other positive points of the city are that its public transport is very efficient and its quality of life is high. And you can take advantage of the city’s location and travel to amazing places like Bali, which is just a few hours’ flight from Perth.