Transcription is the process of converting spoken-language sources into printed or written form. Nowadays, companies are becoming advanced with the help technology like the Internet, which has led to the use of Audio Technologies. Thus, it is necessary for a typed copy of the projects. research transcription services

Customers to your secretarial services

Listed below are few types of business who may in need of Transcription/Secretarial Service. Use it as a beginning point for your marketing strategies and focus on the areas of business to attract new customers.

AppraisersAn appraiser that needs to sell his items made of manufactured products and in order to promote his real property business is looking forward to an appraisal transcript for his business transactions.

To Document as well as Word Processing proposals an architect is in need of the transcriptionist who can make the ideas appear in the real world.

Hearings in court, briefs and articles from legal journals are translated for lawyers who work in the administration of justice.

Transcription of medical records for health care services
Medical transcription is in transcription, or the conversion of the voice-recorded information, written by doctors or other health professionals to text formats.

Medical transcription is a crucial element in a variety of areas

1. Doctor’s offices
2. Medical writer
3. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative-Business Plans, Reports, Flyers, Survey Compilation
4. Psychologists-Transcription, Word Processing, Journal Articles, Mailing List Maintenance

Educational Transcription:
In the area of education, the conversion to text and transfer of knowledge sessions audio or video are converted into text.

To help students with their transcriptions for Database work, proofreading, and Editing of Dissertations , and other documents, such as Term Papers Entrance Forms are available. 911 calls and wire Taps Private and criminal lawyers investigators may require 911 transcriptions, or wire taps that are transcribing. There are private people who are who are going through divorce or custody battles , who tape record telephone conversations that require transcribing.

Transcription for insurance agencies

Many insurance companies cooperate together with Insurance Brokerages for Database Management, Manuscript Policy Typing, Computer Training, mailing list to their agents and insurance Investigator for interview transcription.

Businesses Transcription
Transcription, Invoicing, Sales Letter Editing, Mail Merge, Computer Training, Mailing List and Database Management, Form Design, Newsletters, Brochures, Flyers, Photo Scanning, Other Promotional Materials. This also includes business gatherings and the preparation of minutes.

Many other areas in which transcription for business takes place

* Realtor for Database Management
* Retail Store in Database Maintenance and Mailing Labels
* Sales Representative to price lists
* Stock Brokerage for Mailing List Maintenance and Conversion, Computer Training
* Business Consultants for Word Processing, Telephone Interview Transcription, Billing, Proposals, Faxing, E-Mail, Reports, Correspondence
* Copy Shops for Menus, Flyers, Print Advertising Typesetting
* Corporations for Employee and Merchandising Manuals, Database Management and Mailing Lists, Customer Surveys, Speech Transcription, Interview Transcription, Seminar Transcription
* Interior Designer & Management Consultants for the conversion of paperwork designs, design documents, and General Administrative documents

Transcript of media

A transcription business is a key player in many categories like
* Video Production Company for all types of transcription services
* Writer for Screenplay, Manuscript and Word Processing
* Radio Station for Database Management
* Journals for the conversion of voice into text to be published