Is the worst thing you could have done utilizing your Office account is for personal use? Are you contemplating switching to the free Outlook client now that the subscription is finally coming to an end? If so, the remainder of the post’s detailed instructions on how to transfer Office 365 to Outlook are available for reading. A genuinely great way to export Office 365 emails to Outlook clients 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc. can be found here.

How Can I Transfer Office 365 to Outlook Account?

The highly regarded and secure Office 365 Backup Wizard may let you import your address book and folders from Office 365 to Outlook. The application does not need complex data transfer processes because it was entirely designed for Office 365.

To transfer any or all Office 365 folders instantly, you only need to provide your login information. Throughout the migration process, there is very little human input required because the application is totally automated. To find out what you need to do when using the tool, we advise that you read the comprehensive instructions provided below.

Step-by-step Guide to Transfer Office 365 Emails to Outlook

  1. Get the Microsoft 365 to Outlook Migration tool. After the installation is finished, launch the software to import folders from Office 365 to Outlook.
  2. You must enter your Office 365 email address and password in the fields given after the tool’s window has finally appeared.
  3. You may choose which Office 365 folders to migrate when they appear in the tool’s left pane. Additionally, from the extensive list of available options, choose PST as the saving option.
  4. Select a location for the files that are created as a result to be stored. To transfer Office 365 to Outlook, click the Start Backup button after configuring filters to assist you find the information you’re looking for.
  5. It will begin the shift away from Office 365 and toward Outlook. You will get a signal that the full data conversion has been finished in a few minutes.

This is how you may move Office 365 to Outlook using the aforementioned technologies. We now want to provide you some further tool information. Below is a list of some of the features of the tool. Examine each one to gain a better understanding of the tool’s capabilities.

Check-Out Some Traits of the Office 365 to Outlook Migration Tool

  1. Conversion in Bulk: Despite the substantial amount of data required, the tool’s goal is to assist you save time. You may effortlessly migrate Office 365 contacts in bulk to Outlook thanks to it. You won’t experience any limitations while you move the enormous volume of data.
  2. Migrate Completely: You may import folders and your contact book from Office 365 to Outlook on your local PC using the Complete Properties Migration tool. The utility’s goal is to transport the data in its entirety without losing anything in the process.
  3. Selective Migration: You are not obligated to migrate all of your Office 365 folders to Outlook if you don’t want to. Any and all emails that aren’t highly important can be deactivated at your discretion.
  4. Advanced Filters: If you do not want to relocate the entire email thread, you can transmit only specific emails. By restricting the email field or the send duration, you may send certain emails.


You now have a straightforward method to transfer Office 365 to Outlook. The tool for migrating from O365 to Outlook makes the procedure straightforward. It is user-friendly and contains a lot of useful features. You may find out more about it by using the sample version. There are several saving options available, even in the free edition. It is possible to go from Office 365 to Office 365, Gmail, iCloud, and Google Workspace. Therefore, if you want to transfer Office mail folders to Outlook and other options in the most easy manner possible, you must use the application.