The essay writing process can become a lot easier with an exciting topic. However, students often get topics they struggle to make sense of. That’s when they either leave their assignment until the last minute or reach out to experts from an online College Essay Application writing service for assistance.

Online academic writing services can be an excellent option for students struggling to meet their academic obligations. The experts can help you write and overcome all kinds of writing challenges.

But hey! Wouldn’t it be great to write your essays, dissertations, reports and such without relying on an essay or a research paper writing guide? We bet it would be!

On that note, here are some guidelines to keep in mind while writing essays:


The Structure

The professional writers offering online Nursing Essay Help suggest that an essay should include:

  • A solid introduction followed by a thesis statement.
  • A statement of purpose
  • A plan of action
  • A conclusion with a call-to-action 

Writing Tips

According to professional essayists from the Scholarship Essays Help around the globe, a budding writer should:

  • Indulge in extensive research to gather information about the topic
  • Refer to credible sites for reliable information
  • Cite the used references to avoid plagiarism
  • Avoid being repetitive with words, phrases, and ideas
  • Only pick 3-4 arguments for the paper and elaborate on them

Essay Ideas

Writing is an excellent method of stress management for a lot of many individuals. It’s okay if you don’t feel the same. However, since it is a crucial part of your academic curriculum, you must gather interest and practice as much as possible. Here are some ideas that you may enjoy exploring:

  1. Is technical detoxing a thing?
  2. Ways to control carbon emissions into the environment
  3. Preserving rainforests from wildfire
  4. Preventing ecological catastrophes
  5. Covid-19 and its impact on the SMEs
  6. Paid internships can encourage youngsters to work and curtail unemployment
  7. How training is a good solution to attrition?
  8. How increasing the airtime for educational shows on TV would benefit young learners?
  9. Importance of sex education in schools in the 21stcentury
  10. Psychological support from parents and teachers can help students deal with anxiety.
  11. Procrastination and how to fight it
  12. Gender-based biasness in the education system and professional world
  13. Sexual issues women face in the professional workspace and ways to control them.
  14. How many donations are enough donations at an orphanage?
  15. Support groups and their significance in fighting mental health issues
  16. Book exchange boxes and their efficiency in promoting reading benefits in communities
  17. How to fight an addiction problem?
  18. How has social media increased the number of suicides among young adults?
  19. Implementation of more restrictions on legalised substances
  20. Practical strategies to fight against the increasing cyber crimes
  21. Controlling college drinking dangers – What are the best alternatives to raging beer parties?
  22. Ways to reduce identity stealing issues and promote safe surfing
  23. Use of virtual learning for improving the learning abilities of a disabled child
  24. In the era of rapid technology development, how to nourish creativity and imagination?
  25. Is banning television an effective way of correcting children’s inappropriate behaviour?

And there you go! Don’t forget to bookmark the list and practise writing more often.

Summary: Essay writing can be challenging if you are not thorough with the process. Nonetheless, things get easier with practice. Therefore, refer to the article for some valuable tidbits of essay writing and sample essay questions to practice.

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