Tropical flowers are loved by all because of their bright and colorful hues, longevity, easy maintenance, and the ease of growing them in your garden. These beauties don’t need much tending to, but they stay fresh for a long time. That’s why they offer great value for money. If you too love these colorful flowers, then you must get the following for your home.

  • Hibiscus

Hibiscus is a very pretty and colorful tropical plant with large, showy, trumpet-like flowers. Hibiscus flowers come in various shades like red, yellow, and white. Dual-toned hibiscus flowers are also common. Not only for home decoration, but hibiscus flowers, like many other tropical flowers, are also used as floral accessories and worn by men, women, and children. 

  • Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea flowers are also popular tropical flowers that will beautify your home with their bright and colorful presence. It originates from the tropical and subtropical regions of the South American continent. They don’t thrive in very cold climates though. If you want to have bougainvillea in your home as cut flowers, the best way will be to float them in a large vessel. It is easy to source Bougainvillea flowers in Central Orleans, ON. Just visit Alta Vista flowers and place your order.

  • Birds of paradise

Another interesting tropical flower to add to your flower arrangements is the birds of paradise flower. It has a very unique and interesting appearance and shape. Combining them with orchids and other tropical flowers look amazing. These vibrant flowers stay fresh for a long time, so offer great value for money. head straight to Alta Vista flowers online to buy these beauties for your home.

  • Anthurium

Anthurium, the bright red flower that’s the hot favorite item for Christmas, is a very popular tropical plant. Anthuriums bloom throughout the year. However, it is not a good idea to use them as cut flowers, rather, the whole plant should be displayed. Anthuriums have a rich history and they symbolize hospitality, friendliness, and welcome. A potted anthurium plant will beautify your home all year round. It is also believed to bring good luck to your home.

  • Ginger flower

Ginger flowers are tall stick flowers that have a bright red shade. Ginger flowers are immensely popular as cut flowers and are often added with other flowers like sunflower, birds of paradise, or orchids. Ginger flowers thrive in shady places. So if you’re thinking about adding it to your garden, choose a place that gets no direct sunlight. Local flower shops in Local South Ottawa ON will be able to provide ginger flowers for you.

  • Marigold

Finally, marigold is our top favorite choice for tropical flowers. It is the birth month flower for October babies. Marigolds commonly come in shades of yellow, orange, orangish red, and maroon. The merits of marigold flowers are endless. It is very easy to grow them in a garden. Flower beds of marigold flower look amazing in your garden or backyard. You can also make various flower arrangements out of marigold and decorate your home with them.

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