Everyone enjoys taking some time to relax and do activities they enjoy. And trust me when I say there is nothing like playing casual games in your free time. The enjoyable factor of these games makes it easy to lose track of time. Moreover, no one needs to worry about turning on the computer or the game system. All you need is your phone, which you always have with you. You can download any of your preferred casual gaming apps from the tens of thousands available on the App Store and Play Store.

Unlike tough games, these games are quite easy and primarily focus on a straightforward game-play with a user-friendly interface. As soon as you begin to play, you’ll become engrossed. Additionally, the fact that casual games are typically free to play is one of the reasons why people enjoy them. Without really wasting much time, let me now list some of this year’s top and most popular casual games.

These are the top 5 Casual Mobile games that you should definitely try. 

This enjoyable puzzle game from Camel Motion has everything you require. It is funny, it amuses you, but it also makes you stop and consider your next action. Moreover, the game requires you to slash or burst the discs in order to win, as the name may imply. You can achieve this by placing slices on top of them in a precise arrangement. On top of that, the game has over 300 levels, and as you move along, each one becomes more difficult.

Moving ahead, props in the form of various objects, including a compact disc, a crystal ball, a pizza, a football, and a kiwi slice are among them. Lastly, when you are stuck in the game, you will find a hammer that you can use. It aids in balancing the shape of the slices that are placed on top of the discs.

  • The Fishercat

This game has a really compelling nature. It differs greatly from Fishing Line in terms of variety. With a harpoon gun and some seriously fast movement, you can actually shoot fish in this casual game. Apart from this, you’ll experience the fun you’ve been looking for thanks to the captivating cartoonish animation. With simple drag and release controls to aim and shoot your harpoon at the fish, you may capture over 150 fish.

Although the cats in this game are quite cute, the visual style makes catching fish more enjoyable. You can experiment with various harpoon kinds that come with extra components to make catching fish simpler. There is no doubting that this game is all about having fun, fun, and more fun with a gorgeous aquatic backdrop.

  • Northgard

This game is for you if you enjoy bearded men wearing pointy helmets. Here, you have the chance to command a band of Vikings that are looking for new territory. Moreover, you can manage your resources and the wary Vikings in this survival game.

In this hostile world filled with soldiers and terrifying wolves, you will need to maintain both in order to survive. In addition, you have to defeat the six clans in the game’s single-player and multiplayer storylines. However, you will need to become an expert in those six clans’ skills if you want to defeat the clans. Isn’t that thrilling? You will spend hours playing this game since it is so much fun.

  • Bloons Tower Defense 6

In actuality, this is game 6 of the Bloom TD series. Yes, this game was initially released in 2008 and is still popular today. In this game, you will need to disintegrate or use monkeys to fire down balloons, as the name would imply. You’re correct, of course. The balloons all across the map must be shot down with your monkeys.

The enjoyable part of the game is when you can use your monkeys as your team’s heroes. You will get the chance to enter the battlefield with your brand-new “Hero Monkeys.” You can fire those balloons down with the assistance of these amazing effects produced by the monkeys. Last but not the least, it is relatively hassle-free to play and is a great game to chase away boredom.

  • Among Us

You will be chasing the fake among your crewmates in this simple game. Remember that this pretender is one of the crew members who is only looking for an excuse to murder everyone. The goal of your operation is to find the imposter and kill him before he murders the group as a whole and ruins the mission.

To kill others, the charlatan will employ a variety of heinous strategies. This involves deceiving other players, spreading bodies out, and even moving fast via the ventilation system.


In amalgamation of the above, casual games offer the whole spectrum of enjoyment. They are entertaining, appealing, and won’t take up your entire day. These games allow you to pause and restart play at any time without losing your progress. You might also get that high adrenaline by playing these ludicrously amazing games.