Accessories are a key part of this season’s fashion and can make or break an outfit. Turquoise jewellery is currently all the rage in the world of high fashion, and you can get the look with these inexpensive but eye-catching stones whether you prefer designer or high-street classics.

There has been a long association between the Turquoise gemstone and hippies, both present and past, thus its recent presence on catwalks around the world may come as a surprise to many fashionistas. Following its rush of appearances, Turquoise earrings has also been noticed at a number of red-carpet events with singers, models, and Hollywood starlets all donning statement Turquoise necklaces and earrings. In addition, the treasure is making its way to our favorite high street stores, so we can all refresh our wardrobes for the summer.

Despite its current news attention, Turquoise has been a popular gemstone for thousands of years. Blue-green beauty, famed for its unusual hue and pattern, has been set in precious metals to create stunning statement pieces. But the question is – how can you incorporate this fashion favorite into your everyday wear?

Size does matter when it comes to jewellery made with turquoise. Aim to stand out by wearing jewellery in a tribal style that highlights the distinctive qualities of this stunning rock. These accessories personify bohemia at its best, therefore, go for patterns that are big and extravagant to properly embrace this trend. If you want to look chic and refined, don’t be afraid to accessorize with gold or silver. Blue topaz silver necklaces take you even deeper into the color spectrum, and they feature another popular gemstone.

When it comes to matching your outfit, team your Turquoise accessories with deeper colors like deep reds, or alternatively go entirely back to basics with a black, white, or nude dress to give your look that extra flash of color. A dash of turquoise is the perfect way to jazz up a pair of light denim jeans and a white blouse, for example.

Proper Care for Turquoise Jewelry

If you have any turquoise jewellery, you already know how stunning this gemstone is. For ages, people all throughout the world have mined and sold turquoise. This style of jewellery was first created in the southwestern United States. Today, it is very popular across the United States. If you appreciate jewellery, it’s crucial to keep in mind that different types of jewellery have different qualities and hence require different cleaning methods. Incorrect handling can dull the color and shine of turquoise.

Turquoise jewellery is commonly set in silver and can range in hue from a deep blue to a rich green. These days, you may get turquoise jewellery in settings of gold, silver, and even white gold. Remember to clean your jewellery with the appropriate metal cleaner and avoid getting any cleaner on the stone. Simple silver polishing with a cloth will do the trick for your silver turquoise jewellery. It is recommended that you start by cleaning the silver with the cloth, taking care to keep the turquoise stone untouched. Unfortunately, many stone-damaging cleaning agents can be found in polishing clothes.

Also, instead of utilizing liquid cleansers, you can use a polishing cloth on your gold. To avoid damaging the turquoise stone, use a towel to apply liquid jewellery cleaner. It may take some time to clean this form of jewellery properly because of the care that must be taken. Rub the cleaning solution into the metal of your turquoise, and then rinse it off completely. After polishing the metal, you can move on to polishing the stone.

The turquoise can be carefully cleaned with a natural silver or gold cleaning cloth that does not contain any cleaning agents. Otherwise, you can clean your stone by wiping it with a gentle, dry cloth. After thorough washing, let it air dry before putting it aside. If you don’t want your jewellery to tarnish due to oxidation, keep it in an airtight bag. With the right maintenance, your jewellery can last for generations. This stunning gem has been worn by fashionable women for generations, and you can find it set in jewellery of all shapes and sizes to complement your clothing.