This type of transcription is used by courts and law firms. This type of transcription can include hearings, depositions, general correspondence, and so forth.  academic transcription services

Medical transcription: This type can be used to record any type of patient summaries or progress notes. These reports are usually short, but can be presented with many in one day. Medical terminology can be complex and detailed. It is common for a medical transcriptionist to be certified.

Academic transcription: This is a simple concept, but it can be used by anyone, including students at universities, professors, and doctoral students.

Business Transcription is used to record general correspondence and other office requirements.

Dissertation Transcription is for doctoral students who are completing their dissertation. It usually involves large numbers of interviews that were used to prepare their final dissertation.

Focus Group Transcription is a type that’s used for transcription. These groups usually have more than three or four speakers.

Market Research Transcription is also self-explanatory. It may include one or more speakers. It can be used for any type market research.

Podcast transcription: This type can be used to transcribe podcasts. Some clients prefer to broadcast their podcasts live and also to place transcripts on their website, or to simply store them in their archives.

Sermon Transcription is a type that’s used to transcribe sermons. Many churches want to make it easy for people to access their sermons online or give them to those who are physically disabled.

Spanish Transcription/Translation: This is also obvious, but many companies are able to provide Spanish transcription and/or Spanish translation services. This may also apply to any language other than Spanish. To find out which languages they can transcribe, check with the companies.

Interview transcription: This is the most common type of transcription. It deals with any type interview between two or more persons. Interview transcription can be classified under almost any other category.

Lecture/Presentation Transcription – This applies to presentations or lectures where only one speaker is available. Sometimes an announcer will introduce the main speaker.

Text-to-Text transcription: This is transcription that involves typing text from written text (such handwritten materials, etc.). in an editable MS Word file.

General Transcription is the most common type of transcription. General transcription is possible without a certification. However, there are many factors that will determine whether you contract with general transcriptionists. A short test is usually required. General transcription can be used in a variety of ways, including interviews, lectures, presentations and podcasts. However, some general transcriptionists may also be legal transcriptionists.