With the rising demand for sophisticated services, entrepreneurs have a wide range of options for entering the on-demand app market. The ease of booking rides is the primary factor that drives people’s reliance on these apps. The ride-sharing business blossomed in recent years. All thanks to Uber clone, which has made it possible for the startup entrepreneurs offering future scope by launching their own taxi booking business.

People will never want to return to traditional taxi booking practices after experiencing the sophistication of easily booking rides through apps. 

Hence, it makes a fantastic opportunity, that you should not pass up. Therefore, the blog emphasizes explaining the technology stack, cost to develop a White-label Uber Taxi App, its features. Additionally, it throws light on its various other aspects pinned up with its development to assist you in building your robust Uber Clone App.

Technology Stack To Consider When Developing Uber-like App

To launch a ride-sharing app like Uber, you must pay close attention to incorporating highly sound technical features. 

Some of the technical specifications are as follows:

Location-wise Push notifications

It acts as a marketing feature that allows the Admin to send mass notifications to specific users by geo-fencing the location.  Furthermore, you can send mass information about their rides therefore, this feature should be given much emphasis in your Uber clone app development.

Taxi Booking iWatch App

Your customers now can book their taxis using their Apple smartwatches. This is an innovative feature of the Uber Clone App.  Thus, your customer needs to do is connect their iPhones to their smartwatches. Additionally, this iWatch can even be used to make online payments for the taxi you have booked using the iWatch App.

Graphical Status Of The Ride

This is one of the primary features in ride-sharing apps that allows users to track their rides on a real-time basis. The taxi booking app has built-in GPS technology to identify and track the location of the riders. Hence, the users can track their rides on a real-time basis via in-app notifications. 

Covid19 Safety Features

Verification of the face mask, cancellation of a ride, features of safety, Ratings, reviews of safety, Restricted passenger limits can be incorporated into your taxi booking software to safeguard the safety of your driver and passengers.

How Uber Taxi Booking Clone App Generate Revenue

The primary function of a business is to generate revenue. The ride-sharing app offers numerous revenue-generating options. The cost of a ride can be determined by a number of factors, including the basic fare, cost per mile, cost per minute, and booking fee. 

Some of the best ways to generate revenue are as follows:

  • Drivers’ trip commissions
  • If you are using Uber Taxi App for delivering purposes it generates you revenue for every delivery order 
  • Cancellation charges 
  • Wait-time charges
  • Increase in price during booking taxis during peak hours, holidays, etc.

The Cost Of Developing Uber Clone Taxi Booking App

An app’s development process is the most expensive part of its launch. An app’s development needs to take into account several factors. Therefore, these factors have a direct impact on calculating the cost of an application.

Furthermore, there are many factors to consider including the app platform (Android/iOS/Web), UX/UI design, app size, customization standards, total hours spent by the developers developing the app, geographical location of the app development company, front-end, and back-end development. Consider these factors when building a taxi app solution. 

Thus, it makes it easy to launch an Uber clone app, a ready-made taxi app solution within 7 business days. 

Wrapping Up

The global taxi app market gives you a chance to stand out. Maximizing this chance will allow you to grow immensely. Hence, by connecting it with the best app development company to create your robust taxi app, you can begin the process of finding it.