When we talk of sex, the first and the last thing that comes to our minds apart from our physical and emotional connection is the copulation or mating of the two genitals, the vagina is somewhat hollow it is looking for something to be filled with, while the penis or the male genital organ is erect and looking for a place to fit in.

The sexual chemistry between two individuals begins much before the act of undressing it probably begins at the dining table while two individuals are having dinner, or two people trying to wash the dishes when the maid has not arrived. Post which the conversations get way deeper and connect with the person on a more personal level that is when people have sex and exchange their energies to feel more secure and strengthen their bond.

But sometimes while individuals are trying to connect on a physical level both parties need to understand the comfort of the other partner. Sex is a process that should be more of giving rather than taking, both of the two partners need to understand how much they can do for the other partner rather than expecting from their partners.

Hence females need to understand if their partner is feeling shy about erectile dysfunction and similarly a man should understand if the female is experiencing pain while the act of penetration.

When we talk of the female reproductive organs, the most important is the vagina which tends to open into the reproductive tract and makes way for the penis to squirt out semen. But at times due to problems that may occur in the female’s vagina, she the lady might have problems in conceiving and also delivering her child.

As per one of India’s best IVF doctors who has been operating his own IVF Centre in Punjab “the most common problem that we have been diagnosing in females when it comes to an underdeveloped vagina one of them is vaginal atresia and the other one is Vaginal agenesis”.

Understanding the difference between Vaginal Atresia and Vaginal Agenesis 

A very well-known gynecologist who has been assisting doctors with laparoscopic surgery in Punjab, around the country, and even abroad. Vaginal Atresia is when the lower half of the vagina is underdeveloped it may consist of fibrous tissue which may lead to blockage of the vaginal opening, such women may not be able to menstruate despite having all the symptoms of menstruation, whereas when we talk of vaginal agenesis the upper parts of the vagina do not develop the symptoms of which are generally irregular menstruation or chronic abdominal pain.

People fail to realize when there is a case of an underdeveloped vagina, the percentage of females with a vaginal birth defect is one out of 100, yet there has been no significant increase in the number over the past 10 yrs. In such cases, an IVF is recommended to let the couple conceive and deliver the baby but before that, it is important to understand that we need to prepare the vagina for childbirth.

Proper prescriptions from a well-known doctor, proper lifestyle changes, and cooperation from people around can help a female recover soon and experience the joy of being a mother.