A state body for students, the University of Greenwich, is running in Kent and London, England. Woolwich Polytechnic and Thames Polytechnic were some of its former names. However, in the center of Greenwich, southeast London, the Greenwich Campus is on a World Heritage Site. Also, the area is suitable for studying because it offers a vibrant environment and is away from the city’s congestion.

University of Greenwich Ranking

Outstanding research is being done at this prestigious institution. Firstly, the University of Greenwich QS ranking is excellent, at 801-1000. In addition, it had a total rating of 4.2 stars from the University of Greenwich world ranking, which placed it 807 globally. Additionally, the University of Greenwich UK ranking takes the 76th position. Whereas, this institution is ranked 101-200th in impact ranking and 151-200th in European teaching rankings.

Why Greenwich?

We are committed to inspiring learning by fusing classroom instruction with real-world internships and significant research. Whereas, to ensure you get an academically demanding experience and provide a solid foundation for practice, we have a wide selection of partners to assist our teaching activities. Also, the University is pleased with the variety of its student body. From the above 140 different locations, 4,900 international students study at Greenwich University. Furthermore, the University of Greenwich London is an up-to-date platform for exceptional research, a culture of innovation, strong linkages to industry and commerce, and an emphasis on the world. However, with 25,000 students from different backgrounds and nations, the University has a resource base of highly qualified faculty and staff with a wide range of expertise and significant connections with business and industry. As a result, this combination creates a rich and imaginative learning environment for all students. Besides that, it has made significant investments in its classrooms and gathering areas to provide top-notch educational opportunities in London.

University of Greenwich Entry Requirements

There’s a good reason why the UK is home to many of the world’s top universities. However, the 15.89% University of Greenwich acceptance rate only allows a certain amount of candidates with exceptional academic qualifications to enter. You’ll be able to develop while you’re a student here, and you’ll have a great chance to hunt for a rewarding job once you graduate.

You can get updated information on the website for details on the University of Greenwich fees. Additionally, the University of Greenwich scholarships for international students provide merit-based financial aid to students worldwide.

University Faculties:

The faculties of Engineering and Science, Education and Health, Architecture, Computing and Humanities, and the Business School, together serve about 21,000 students, the plurality of whom are undergraduates.

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University of Greenwich Courses

The University’s undergraduate courses are available in a wide range. Below are some popular courses.

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University of Greenwich Campus Details

  • Greenwich Campus

Greenwich Campus relocated there when the Royal Navy sold the buildings, primarily in the Old Royal Naval College.

The Business School and the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences are working on the site.

  • Avery Hill Campus

Mansion and Southwood are the two locations that make up the Avery Hill Campus. Both are running in south-east London’s Royal Borough of Greenwich’s 86-acre Avery Hill Park.

The education and health are working on the site.

  • Medway Campus

The Medway Campus is running on what was once a Royal Navy shore installation in Chatham Maritime, Kent, known as HMS Pembroke.

Also, the Natural Resources Institute, a hub for research, consulting, and education in natural and human resources, and the Faculty of Engineering and Science have headquarters here.