URL Opener is a tool that opens bulk quantity of URLs in new tabs to make the work of SEO specialists, content researchers and scientists easy and fast. Link builders are happy to use this tool as it has saved their time. They show good results in short time and get good results without spending their enough time. Before introduction to this tool, link builders and content researchers used to open every single URL separately in new tab. Copying single URL and opening it in new tabs was time taking. URL Opener has made it very easy for SEO experts.

Step by Step guide to open bulk URLs instantly:

  • Open file where you have saved all of the URLs.
  • Copy these URLs from your file.
  • Type URL Opener tool in Google or any other browser as it is supported by Firefox, Safari, and Bing etc.
  • Or open the tool directly by searching urlopener.co.uk in any browser.
  • Paste all the copied URLs in the given field.
  • Keep one thing in mind that open the number of URLs that your system can support. Opening a greater number of URLs will slow down your system and will result in slow down of your system.
  • It is recommended to open 15-20 links at a time to maintain the speed of your system.
  • When you have pasted all the links in given field, click open all URLs in new tabs to get all of them opened in new tabs instantly.
  • Perform work or read the content if you are content researcher and want to collect content from all those links.

Is URL Opener tool secure to use?

URL Opener tool is 100% secure and free to use as it does not collect your personal data and does not require your personal information. Just open bulk quantity of URLs instantly to make your work fast and easy.

Who can use this tool?

Every person who is going to open different sites without wasting time should use this tool. Here few of them are mentioned who can use it to make their work faster.

  • Link Builders
  • Content researchers
  • Scientists who collect data from different sites
  • SEO specialists
  • Researchers

All of these can make use of this tool to bring easiness and speed in their work. They will notice great change in their work and productivity after using this time saving tool.

How does URL Opener work?

It does not require any effort to open bulk URLs through this tool. It follows just copy paste formula. Ctrl + C is pressed to copy links and Ctrl + V is required to paste links in the given field. It has been designed in the way that a link builder or content researcher is only required to paste his links in the given field. Pressing the button below the field allows to open bulk URLs instantly.

This tool has saved a lot of time and brought a greater change in the field of Search Engine Optimization.