Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy isn’t something new that is being used by cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists across the globe. It has been used for decades in sports-related injuries, specifically soft tissue injuries and pain relief.

In modern cosmetology, PRP is increasingly being used to treat hair thinning and skin-related issues because of its growing success rate. What makes it even more interesting is its ability to treat patients without surgery.

Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is getting popular to treat skin issues in combination with Microneedling.

Let’s first understand what these terms mean.

What is a Microneedling and Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy blend?

Microneedling with PRP is a popular cosmetic treatment for collagen reproduction to improve skin quality in patients. It includes rolling fine needles over the skin with platelet application, a blood component.

Plasma is the liquid part of the blood, and platelets are solid. These platelets help in the process of clotting blood and eventually heal the wounds. When PRP is used in combination with micro-needling, it becomes more effective than when done alone.

PRP treatment in Missouri involves blood with a higher concentration of platelets than other components of the blood. The doctor will take a blood sample and spin it into a centrifuge device.

This device will separate the plasma from the rest of the blood. Plasma includes proteins with growth factors that help skin tissues repair on their own.

PRP treatment in O’fallon uses a microneedling tool to make tiny holes in the skin. The enriched plasma applied to the skin will encourage collagen reproduction and promote tissue growth.

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Benefits of using PRP Microneedling

Microneedling with Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is an effective treatment for blemishes and scar reduction on any body part. It is most widely used to treat:

  • Acne marks
  • Scars due to surgery
  • Skin wrinkles and fine lines(across eyes, forehead, and mouth)
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sun injury
  • Large and visible skin pores
  • Uneven skin tone

Microneedling coupled with PRP therapy speeds up healing and stimulates skin renewal, showing better results from microneedling alone.

As per a 2019 survey of PRP microneedling for acne marks, studies show that:

  • Reduction in acne scarring
  • Higher patient satisfaction

Minimum downtime after the procedure

How many sessions does a Microneedling PRP require?

The number of sessions for PRP treatment in Hermann or any part of the world will vary based on the individual patient. Some patients may require repeat treatment to experience better results.

Sometimes, even the larger scars or older marks take more number of sessions for PRP Microneedling. Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy with microneedling is here to stay with minimum recovery time and improvement in skin quality and texture over time.

Closing Words-

Before going for a PPR treatment in combination with microneedling, it is advisable to find a board-certified practitioner who is experienced in taking care of any side effects.

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