Do you intend to switch from Exchange Server to Outlook? Have you ever found yourself in a scenario where you needed to convert EDB to PST? IT pros can make backup chores easier by converting EDB to PST format. Fortunately, Microsoft offers the ExMerge application. Which can extract email messages from an EDB file and save them to a new PST file. We’ll learn how to use the ExMerge tool in this tutorial. Or use the less technical tool to convert EDB to PST.

A Problem with the EDB File

The data for Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes are stored in an EDB file, or Exchange database. Working with this file can be difficult at times. And this can be a significant issue. It would be necessary to unmount the Server database. If you kept the EDB file as-is while archiving the server data. As a result, productivity would be halted. In addition, backup maintenance and other administrative duties are likely to cause problems for IT experts.

EDB files might make your job as an administrator more challenging at times. An Outlook data file (.PST) is, on the other hand, significantly more flexible than an EDB file. It’s simple to back it up, move it from one PC to another. And open it in any version of Outlook client. You can archive the data without unmounting the database if you convert the file. Furthermore, productivity is unaffected. You can keep the old EDB file data and access it later when needed in this fashion. Furthermore, you can free up space on your Exchange Server.
To switch from Exchange server to Outlook, most people recommend using 3rd party commercial solutions. However, the majority of customers are always on the lookout for a free option. The ExMerge application from Microsoft is a free solution.

Microsoft’s ExMerge Utility

Microsoft provides a freeware program called ExMerge that can be used to resolve issues with Microsoft Exchange Server databases. The main purpose of this program is to extract emails from normal. And corrupt EDB files created by Microsoft Exchange Server and store them in the PST file format used by Microsoft Outlook. The following are some of the benefits of using the ExMerge utility:
ExMerge can be used to merge a single mailbox, multiple mailboxes, or all mailboxes in the Microsoft Exchange Server.

  • It can be used to import data into Microsoft Exchange Server from PST files.
  • You can also avoid sending duplicate emails. You can use the ExMerge program to avoid exporting the same mailbox content again to the same PST file.
  • It can be used as a “brick-level backup” solution. Backing up a single mailbox rather than a whole database.

Installation of ExMerge

You must have Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 installed on your machine. As well as the Exchange 2003 admin tools In order to install the ExMerge application. To begin, you must first obtain ExMerge from the internet. To access the download page, click the ExMerge symbol shown below:

  • Begin downloading the executable file. Go to the download page and click the Download option.
  • Once the executable file (.exe) has been properly downloaded. Run it as administrator to install it and then configure it.
  • Log in to your Microsoft Exchange Server account with Exchange Administrator permissions once it’s been configured on your PC.

Make the Following Checks Before using the ExMerge Utility:

You have full access to all of the mailboxes that need to be merged.
Both Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server must be installed on the computer system where you’ll run the ExMerge software.
If you’re using Microsoft Exchange Server 2000. You don’t have the ability to open mailboxes as an administrator. To fix this, navigate to the Security tab of the mounted mailbox store in the recovery storage group’s recovery storage group. With specifically deny rights for “send as” and “receive as,” the Exchange Administrators Group can be found. Overwrite it to grant them full access and to pass down the rights to each mailbox.

Switch from Exchange Server to Outlook with ExMerge

You’re ready to use the ExMerge program to convert EDB to PST format. Once you’ve successfully installed and configured it on your PC. Launch ExMerge, log in to your Microsoft Exchange Server, and complete the procedures below:
Important: If you’re using Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. You won’t be able to execute ExMerge directly on the server. Furthermore, it is possible that the operation will take a long time to finish successfully.

Reasons to use Converter

  • Recover and rebuild crashed Exchange server
  • The exchange server may go down due to hardware failure, bad sectors in the hard drive, etc.
  • Accidental shutdown causing inconsistency in the EDB files
  • Database size limit grew beyond the EDB storage limit
  • Damage in EDB files due to Logical and physical corruption
  • Accidental mailboxes deletion can make mailbox data inaccessible
  • EDB data recovery for legal or compliance requirements
  • Fix EDB file-level corruption & Jet errors in Exchange Server

Overview of the EDB to PST Converter

  • Exchange Server mailboxes can be recovered and exported indefinitely. And EDB to PST conversion is also possible.
  • Exchange Server versions 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 are supported.
  • Allows you to export EDB to PST and restore Exchange mailboxes that have been mistakenly deleted.
  • Migrates an offline EDB file to a Live Exchange Server or Office 365 account.
  • Exchange EDB Mailboxes, Public Folders, and Archive mailboxes can all be converted to PST files.
  • EDB data can be saved in EML, MHT, and HTML formats.
  • During the EDB to Office 365 migration, it automatically generates mailboxes on the destination server.
  • Impersonation rights are automatically set on the target server for EDB to Office 365 migration.
  • A lifetime EDB recovery license comes with a free software upgrade and 24/7 support.


We learned how to use the ExMerge utility, a shareware program supplied by Microsoft. To migrate email messages from Exchange to Outlook in this post. Even if the EDB files are corrupted. This application can extract email messages from them. You must use the ExMerge tool before purchasing any premium program to convert EDB to PST format.