Voice SMS has evolved through the years from being a mere way to send a text message to be a sophisticated and productive tool. Voice SMS service in Delhi is a type of SMS that is delivered using a recorded voice and not in the form of a text. The popularity of Voice SMS has spread like wildfire across India. Some of the biggest companies in India have already subscribed to the Voice SMS services provided by a company called Voice SMS in India.

Why Voice SMS Service?

Voice SMS Service in Delhi is a bulk SMS service that provides you with an inexpensive way to be in touch with your friends, family and even customers. You can send and receive messages from any mobile phone network. It’s a safe way to let people know about your events or business promotion.

Features of Voice SMS Service

● Online Gateway

● No Configuration Fees

● No Monthly Payments

● No Hidden Expenses

● Voice Message In Your Own Tongue.

● Upload Wav File Or Mp3

● Human Touch to Your SMS

● Make Payment Only for Answered Call

Benefits of using Voice SMS

Optimised Efficiency

Voice SMS is a new entrant in the Digital Industry. It’s an application that converts your voice message into text and sends it to any contact number. You can also schedule calls at a fixed date and time depending upon your requirements.

Enchanced Productivity

Voice SMS saves time and increases efficiency. It also reduces the need for employees to make unnecessary calls and spend half their day making them.

Better Engagement

Voice SMS enables you to offer an engaging and personalised experience to customers by allowing them to leave a voice message when they are outside of active call duration.

The voice revolution has only begun. The year 2021 has seen unprecedented growth in the number of voice-activated devices. The number of voice-activated services will rise to over 50% of all products sold. This is just the beginning of a trend that will be sweeping the world.

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