An application security audit is a security service that assesses and tests the security of software. It is a collective term for various testing processes that examine the software for security vulnerabilities and weaknesses. An application security audit is a comprehensive and extensive testing process for evaluating the security of mobile apps and web applications. This testing process can be outsourced or done in-house. At Veegent hire the best Application Security Audit Services in pune. Veegent providing business listings of web application security audit.

Why Veegent is Best Application Security Audit Services providers in Pune?

  • Veegent helps you understand Application Security Audit better! A security audit of a particular application system or business process is considered to be an application system security audit. The audits might be carried out before, after, or on a regular basis after system creation.
  • Veenegnt functions with Source Code Review (SCR) which implies to a comprehensive and rigorous investigation of an application’s or software’s source code. It hunts for Safety Loop Holes, which seem to be defects that may have been hidden and neglected during the development of the application of technology.
  • Our methodology including Source code assessment or application security assessment supports the evaluation of essential security features. It also evaluates any applications or technology for structural flaws and undisclosed hazards.
  • We created our entire strategy from the initial concept to establish that we spot all weaknesses, mainly during the source code security catching audit process.
  • At Veegent we do various audits at deferent level to ensure that business applications are out of malicious attacks radar.

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