Guest expectations are always increasing; this is especially true in vacation rentals. In order to keep guests satisfied, it is essential to increase the quality of your amenities, as this will contribute to a positive guest experience and boost occupancy rates. 

In order to add value, vacation rental owners need to understand what amenities guests are looking for. Expected amenities vary by market. Therefore, what you offer in your vacation rental will depend on the location, brand, and target audience. The following list is a good starting point for what you should be offering at vacation rentals in Port Aransas.

Amenities guests desires in a vacation rental 

Air Conditioning

It is widely known that the lack of air conditioning can negatively impact vacation rental occupancy rates, especially in hotter months.

While having central air conditioning is not always possible, you should look at other options such as individual units in each room and ceiling fans. Air conditioning is essential, even in mild climates. However, guests shouldn’t be expected to brave the heat during their time away!

In Port Aransas, condos on the beach don’t even need air conditioning because they are built so close to the water. Guests take naps in the afternoon and evenings while listening to the sounds of the ocean waves.

Free Wi-Fi

It is hard to imagine a world without free Wi-Fi in this day and age. Everyone expects this amenity in a vacation rental, not just business travelers.

Without Wi-Fi, guests will turn to less than desirable options such as paying for internet in a coffee shop or having to use a limited data plan from their cell phone carrier. Free Wi-Fi is important, but the speed of the connection should also be considered. It is frustrating when guests have to wait to load simple pages such as email.

Fully Equipped Kitchen with Dishwasher

Who doesn’t admire coming home to a fully stocked kitchen? Guests expect to find everything they would in their own kitchen, including a dishwasher.

The lack of a dishwasher is one of the main contributors to negative reviews. Even if your rental does have a dishwasher, it might not be efficient enough to please guests.


Having a washer and dryer in the vacation rental is becoming increasingly popular. Many guests will plan their vacation around your property’s amenities.

Port Aransas beachfront houses for rent are prime real estate for offering washer/dryer units. There are plenty of guests during peak season with the laundry to do. There are also families with kids who will want to pack light.

A washer and dryer is a valuable convenience that will cause guests to stay longer and return in the future.

Cable/satellite TV or streaming services 

Guests rely on TV for entertainment and relaxation. When choosing vacation beach rentals, the absence of cable/satellite is a common complaint.

Cable/satellite TV is a must in today’s market, but so are on-demand streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. Guests will often watch their favorite shows, check the weather, and follow news coverage of major events while on vacation.

They may even watch movies on their personal streaming services. So let them enjoy an escape from everyday life.  


Toiletries are essential in a vacation rental. You want guests to be comfortable, right?

A few toiletry items are standard in most vacation rentals, but guests will appreciate having more than just shampoo and soap. Don’t be stingy on the toilet paper either! A new roll should be provided every day. 

Including a hairdryer is also essential but not always possible due to space limitations. You don’t want guests having to bring their own hairdryer.

Outdoor Shower/Tub

Having a separate outdoor shower is one way to stand out from other vacation rentals. An outdoor shower is especially beneficial for guests and renters alike.

Rental condos in Port Aransas are popular for offering separate outdoor showers. Many guests will want to rinse off the sand before heading back to the house, especially after spending the day at the beach.

An outdoor shower or tub is another amenity that will increase your rental’s value. Guests will value the convenience of an outdoor shower.

Beach Access

When we think of vacation rentals, we typically envision a place close to the beach. For most guests, this is an essential amenity.

Many vacation rentals in Port Aransas, for example, offer a quick walk to the beach or boardwalk. As a result, guests can enjoy all the fun and convenience of a beach vacation.

By staying in these luxury houses for rent, guests will have easy access to the beach. They will have a quick walk to the beach, giving them more time for fun and relaxation. So choose a vacation rental for this year’s holiday to have fun!


What amenities do guests want? The answer is simple: anything that makes their vacation more comfortable and enjoyable. Free Wi-Fi, a well-stocked kitchen, and cable/satellite TV are just a few of the most desired amenities among vacationers.

When choosing your vacation rentals in Port Aransas, make sure your property offers the amenities most commonly requested by guests. You want to provide your guests with every convenience possible to enjoy their stay. The more amenities you offer, the easier it is to generate bookings and positive reviews.