There are a number of Industrial products which no one can count, all have different purposes and are used in different ways. Amongst, the Electro mechanical boom barrier is one of the leading industrial products which is used in various malls parking, hotel parking or at any parking system now! Let’s have a look on what basically the electro mechanical boom barrier system are-

Electro mechanical boom barrier systems are used in industrial applications to protect personnel from hazards associated with overhead power lines. The system can be installed using the same methods as traditional hand-held barriers, or it can be integrated into a larger fixed-location barrier system.

Electro mechanical barriers are designed to reduce the risk of electrocution and fall injuries by blocking power line contact with human operators. The system consists of a series of sensors that detect any potential contact between the operator and the power line, as well as an actuator that activates when contact is detected. An Electro Mechanical Boom Barrier in Delhi is a type of boom barrier that uses electric motors instead of hydraulic pumps to raise the boom. The addition of motorized boom lifting means that barriers can be raised and lowered much faster than hydraulic systems.

These barriers are also easier to install than hydraulic systems, because they do not require any plumbing or electrical hookups.

Uses Of Electro mechanical Boom Barrier System-

● It consists of a high voltage electrical cable that runs along the top of a fence, or around the perimeter of a fence. When someone tries to cross the boom barrier, it interrupts the current and prevents them from passing.

● Electro mechanical boom barriers are often used at ports and other industrial sites where people need to pass through security gates. These barriers can also be used for vehicle access control in warehouses and distribution centers.