Given below are the following terms and conditions of American Airlines Cancellation Policy  that one should consider before canceling the flights.

  • As per the American Airlines Cancellation Policy, one can cancel the flights anytime but flexible cancellation before the departure schedule varies cancellation fee. Then, it will be great for someone to follow 24-risk-free hours to cancel the flights.
  • If some cancel within 24 hours of booking, they need to pay a penalty for their flight cancellation.
  • Furthermore, non-refundable fare holders need to pay extra as the penalty while canceling their flight beyond restricted hours.
  • Rather than this, if any refundable fare holders cancel their flights beyond the risk-free hours, the airline deducts the cancellation value from the booking value.
  • One can cancel the flights via online and offline portals.

What is the Refund Policy of American Airlines?

Glance at the policies listed below and know whether you are eligible for refund or not while canceling the flight.

  • American Airlines reimburse the booking fare to the refundable fare for the canceled flights meanwhile non-refundable fare holders get the travel voucher.
  • The refund amount depends on the timings of cancellation, i.e., if anyone exceeds the risk-free hours to cancel the flights, they are subject for the partial refund.
  • To seek the full refund depends on the duration of flight cancellation.

Procedure to cancel the flights online 

If you are appealing for the flight cancellations online for the first time, then you should follow the sequence mentioned below.

  • To cancel the flights online, you should access the official web portal or Mobile Application of American Airlines.
  • Secondly, you should login your account using a registered email id and password.
  • After that, you should tap “Manage My Trip/Check-in.”
  • Next, you need to complete the required details in the specified sections.
  • Furthermore, you should choose the “cancel” option.
  • After that, choose the trip you want to cancel.
  • Now follow the prompts as visible on the screen.
  • If you are unable to cancel the flights on your own you should connect with the experts.

Extensions to Connect with the Experts

Below are the Three major extensions you can use to convey your concern to the airline.

  • American Airlines Phone Number: Although, customers do not need wifi connection while availing of this option to approach the experts to seek the service. But they might require good wifi connection while navigating the contact details of American Airlines at the official site.
  • American Airlines Live Chat: One of the Online extensions where customers are supposed to follow the Contact Us prompts and click the chatbot icon to start a live chat with the experts. Furthermore, the users are not eligible to type their concern but they need to choose from the listed topic and seek the assistance as well. In case, you are unable to find the assistance as per your concern through this extension, you can switch to the next.
  • American Airlines Email Support: To share your issues or concerns regarding any air ticketing related, you can choose emailing extension. But make sure that you do not forget to mention your number to insert in an email to the airline.  

How to Connect with the Appropriate Experts Over a Call?

Instead of the phone number accessibility at the official if it’s still tricky for you to connect with the experts over a call, you should follow the sequence mentioned below. And get your flight canceled without any hindrance.

  • Go to the official site of American Airlines.
  • Head out to the bottom of the Page and click on the option, “Contact American.”
  • With this, you will be directed to the next page where you can find various options to connect with the experts.
  • Choose “Call us” to get the Phone number.
  • Now, you will be directed to the next page where you can find the specified contact numbers of American Airlines.
  • Choose the contact number as per your citizenship.
  • Ensure to listen to the IVR while dialing the phone number.
  • Let IVR direct your call to the customer service executive at American Airlines.

You are highly suggested to switch the other options when you are unable to connect with the experts over a call due to any unavoidable issues.