Many patients are interested in physiotherapy for the treatment of various diseases without taking medication. It is common to visit a spa salon to relax with a good massage. If you have mastered the art of massage perfectly, whether medical or just relaxing, you should equip yourself with the appropriate furniture. It is no longer a question of using a standard bed for such professional activities. You can have an electric massage table with rollers to give a more professional experience to the visitors of your spa.

An electric massage table with rollers is essential if you have a massage practice or a beauty and wellness salon. This equipment, respecting the standards of modern massage devices, allows the client to get into the right position during each massage session. A face opening allows the patient to breathe well. In addition, it is usually possible to raise the backrest to avoid using a pillow.

As it is a fairly large investment, a few criteria must be considered before making the purchase. The discovery of some of the most popular models on the market, as well as some buying advice, can help you select the electric massage table with rollers that meet your expectations. The choice seems difficult considering the variety of brands offered on the market. We have selected a few models that individuals and professionals generally consume. Follow the characteristics of these few prototypes to find out if one of them meets your needs.

Selection Of the Best Electric Massage Table with Rollers

In the range of well-being equipment, most brands are launching electric massage models on the market. It is a top-of-the-range electric massage table with rollers that is very pleasant for practitioners and patients. This equipment includes two silent and robust motors guaranteed for two years. The device can be controlled by remote control for height adjustment ranging from 65 to 91 cm. Its structure incorporates an 80 mm thick foam wrapped in a white leatherette cover. Apart from the body of the bed equipped with a facial cavity, you will also benefit from a hand backrest and comfortable armrests. The headrest is comfortable, both on the back and on the stomach. Its backrest is adjustable and can be raised to 45°, depending on the treatment you perform. The massage table measures 192 x 95 cm with armrests.

Massage Table with A Thinner Foam

Electric massage table with rollers is efficiently designed to increase the comfort level of massage. Thanks to its design and practicality. Its all-white finish reflects a touch of luxurious decoration for your massage room, beauty salon, fitness center, or spa. A 0.8 cm thick foam is carefully protected in leather to accompany your customers for several years. This medical bed is easy to clean and disinfect, even if you use different essential oils during the massage session.

As an electrical device, it houses two motors. The first motor is activated when you raise or lower the treatment table, while the second is connected to the gas cylinder for adjusting the backrest by hand. You will not have to expend energy to adjust the height of this equipment because you will get a remote control. However, it remains silent throughout its operation. It is designed to support your health and wellness activities for years, and the manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty. Its purchase requires a significant investment, but you can make the expenses planned for a well-being center according to the standards.

If you are interested in buying an electric massage table with rollers, you must complete careful research and keep yourself updated with the latest models available for you.