Water damage is not an uncommon issue, especially in humid regions like Florida. After a flood or leak, water or excess moisture can be difficult to eliminate. Moreover, the damage left behind is often frustrating to deal with.

A flooded basement or moldy drywall is an eyesore to a homeowner. Water damage in a home is bad, but the resulting mold and mildew can be even worse. You need to consult with water damage repair Orlando Florida to reduce the growth of mold.

Luckily, there are strategies you can deploy to prevent the growth of mold. Understanding how mold forms and where to locate water damage will make things easier for you.

Overview of Mold

We all know about the damage that mold can do. It can severely affect the structural stability of your home. Furthermore, mold can cause various types of illnesses. Note that no single factor creates mold. A mix of temperature, humidity and other elements create the conditions that are suitable for the mold to grow.

  • Water

Water is the main element that causes mold. Moisture levels of more than 85% will trigger the growth of mold.

  • Temperature

A temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit can give rise to the formation of mold.

  • Time

After water damage, mold doesn’t occur immediately. It typically takes a few weeks to develop fully.

Here are some strategies to prevent the formation of mold after water damage.

Drain Water Completely

After a leak or flood, the first thing you should do is drain the water completely. By draining water, you’re removing moisture too. Draining water also lets you assess the overall damage. Addressing the issue quickly and opting for professional help will reduce the chances of mold growth.

You can use plastic containers like buckets to extract water. Things will move quickly if you have a wet-dry vacuum. Any good-quality wet-dry vacuum can extract 5 to 10 gallons of water per minute.

Treat Damp Carpets and Floors

If your carpet or flooring has visible marks of water damage, you should remove them. Moreover, if you have floors with grooves, you should treat the surface properly. Carpeting can also be the ideal breeding ground for mold growth. In most cases, carpets are the ideal breeding ground for mold.

Carpets contain dust particles that boost the growth of spores. If the water damage is minimal, you can consider using baking soda. But in extreme water damage, you should consult with a professional water damage repair Orlando Florida.

Use a Dehumidifier to Decrease Moisture

Mold thrives in warm and wet environments. Therefore, maintaining low levels of humidity can arrest the growth of mold. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends every homeowner maintain humidity levels below 60%. By keeping humidity levels below 60%, you can stop the formation of mold. Most households have dehumidifiers that can help in the reduction of moisture.

Tacking water damage without external help can quickly get on your nerves. It can also affect your health. If you are experiencing water damage, call RW Services. They have a professional team of water damage restoration experts who will eliminate mold and mildew.