Delcam is the leading supplier of powerful CAD-CAM software to the manufacturing industry. However, the firm has grown over time since its inception in 1977, after the development work at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. It is currently a global supplier of product design and manufacturing software, with subsidiaries and joint ventures in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Delcam was listed on the London Stock Exchange until Autodesk built it in 2014. Now, it is an Autodesk-owned, independently run subsidiary. Thus, to know more about this software and its related products, it is necessary to have DelCam Online Training in India. Such training will help you become proficient in this software and make you stand out from the crowd in all job interviews.

Different Products of Delcam

Delcam provides several products which are compatible fo multiple industries. These products are as follows:

1.   Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

The below products are advanced solutions for manufacturing purposes. These products include:

  • Power SHAPE

It is a Microsoft Windows-based 3D CAD software that allows the creation of complicated 3D models utilizing surfaces, solids, and triangles. However, the program supports the input of 3D point cloud data in order to reverse engineer 3D models. Moreover, users can use PowerSHAPE for multiple applications such as manufacturing modeling, electrode design, mold, and toolmaking. Furthermore, users can derive PowerSHAPE code from the DUCT program.

  • PowerMill

It is a CAM system for programming tool paths for the purpose of CNC milling with 2 to 5 axes (Computer Numerical Control).

  • Power Inspect

It is a CAD-based inspection software package that you can use with several inspection gears, including manual and CNC CMMs, portable arms, optical measuring devices, and CNC machine tools. However, the application, which the user created for Microsoft Windows, can now be sold to multiple industries.

  • PowerMill Robot Interface

It is the software suite that you can use to program machining robots with up to eight axes.

  • Feature CAM

This module of Delcam is a feature-rich CAM system for milling, turning, and wire EDM.

  • PartMaker

A CAM application is used to program turn-mill equipment such as bar-fed mills and Swiss-type lathes.

  • Delcam for SolidWorks

This module of CAM Solution, based on PowerMILL and FeatureCAM, integrates SolidWorks.

  • Delcam Exchange

It is a data translator that helps to read and write all commonly used CAD format files.

  • Delcam Electrode

It is an integrated program within PowerSHAPE that helps in the automated production of solid electrode models for EDM, with optional tool path generation in PowerMILL.

2.   Artistic CAD-CAM Solutions

The artistic CAD-CAM solution comprises the following modules:

  • ArtCam JewelSmith

ArtCam JewelSmith is a specialized 3D design and manufacturing solution for jewelers.

  • ArtCam Pro

It is a complete package for creating and producing 2D artwork and 3D reliefs.

  • ArtCam Insignia

You can use this module for production-level layout and manufacturing 2D artwork and 3D reliefs.

  • ArtCam Express

ArtCam Express is a low-cost basic design and machining solution.

3.   Metrology Solutions

For the purpose of metrology, the user can use the following module.

  • On-Machine Verification

It is a package for directly measuring complicated components on machine equipment.

4.   Footwear Solutions

Below are the different modules of Delcam software used for the footwear industry.

  • OrderManager

Users can use this web-based workflow management tool for remotely tracking orders.

  • OrthoMODEL

It is a software suite for designing custom orthotic insoles.

  • OrthoMILL

It is a software suite for manufacturing custom orthotic insoles.

  • iQube Scanner

iQube Scanner comprises the foot, scanner, and plaster cast.

  • LastMaker

It is a 3D last modification and the grading software program.

  • ShoeMaker

Shoemaker is a software application for 3D footwear design.

  • SoleEngineer

It is a 3D solitary unit engineering and grading software.

  • Engineer Pro

Engineer Pro is the pattern engineering and grading program in 2D.

  • Pattern Cut

It is software for layering and cutting 2D pattern parts.

  • KnifeCut

KnifeCut is a 2D pattern part nesting and cutting software for projection cutting machines.

  • TechPac

You can use this software application for technical documentation.

  • ShoeCost

ShoeCost is a software program for calculating overall footwear costs.


Hopefully, you find this article informative. We have mentioned the top modules or products of Delcam software that users can use to simplify the manufacturing processes in multiple industries. Therefore, to have a proper understanding and to get familiar with how these modules work, it is necessary to go for Delcam Training in Noida.