In this technological transformation, cloud computing technology has achieved its pinnacle. Companies such as Cloudera, Microsoft, AWS, and others have introduced their cloud computing solutions and are always trying to enhance them. As a result, there is a fierce battle to develop an excellent cloud computing platform. One such program we will talk about in this article is Microsoft Azure.

It is a phrase that many technology enthusiasts are familiar with these days. Also, there is a great demand for this software program in the organization. Therefore, to become proficient in this technology, you must go for Microsoft Azure Online Training. Such training will make you understand the different services this program offers and help you get a high-paying job.

Microsoft Azure: Meaning

Microsoft Azure is a Microsoft cloud computing service. This program involves more than 600 services. In general, it is a web-based platform on which applications and services may be created, tested, managed, and deployed.

However, Azure hosts a wide range of Microsoft’s software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings. Moreover, it has three primary functional areas; virtual machines, cloud, and application services.

Furthermore, its API depends on HTTP, REST, and XML, allowing developers to interface with all of the services that come with Microsoft Azure features. In addition, Microsoft includes a client-side managed class library that has functions that communicate with the services. It is also compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Git.

Different Microsoft Azure Deployment Models:

Azure provides two cloud resource deployment models:

Classic Deployment Model:

Under this deployment model, Microsoft Azure handles its resource separately. As a result, these resource includes SQL databases, virtual machines, and others.

Azure Resource Manager:

Users may utilize Azure Resource Manager to form various groups for linked utilities to deploy, manage, and monitor the closely coupled resources.

Different Services Offered by Microsoft Azure:

Azure provides almost 600 services. Some of the significant services are as follows:

Computing Services:

The best thing you will discover about Microsoft Azure is its IaaS function, which lets you generate virtual machines on Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms. It also supports preset machine images for the majority of software packages. In addition, the PaaS ability allows developers to publish and maintain websites and applications.

Storage Solutions:

Azure’s file service feature offers data storage and access in the cloud using REST APIs and SMB protocols. On the other hand, Queue Services allow applications to communicate by utilizing queries.

Services for Mobile Devices:

The developers can use HockeyApp for mobiles for app creation, distribution, and beta testing. In addition, mobile engagement features collect real-time data that directly illustrate the user’s behavior and provide push alerts to mobile phones.

Data Management:

Using SDK APIs or REST, Azure brings up text search and a portion of OData’s structured filters. Also, using its data warehousing solution, Azure can handle data-intensive queries on datasets larger than 1TB.

Media Services:

Microsoft Azure provides a PaaS solution for content security, encoding, streaming, and analytics.

Developer Services:

Developers may use it to acquire accurate insights about apps.

  • At first, Azure CDN offers a worldwide content delivery network for pictures, music, video, and apps to its regular users. However, static assets of websites that are geographically closer to visitors can now be cached to improve speed.
  • However, you may use a REST-based HTTP API to manage CDNs.
  • The Microsoft machine learning feature is a component of the Cortana Intelligence Suite. It has abilities like predictive analytics and data engagement through natural voice recognition.

Management Service:

When you learn about Microsoft Azure, you will appreciate the automation features. However, you can perform all error-prone, complex, long-running, manual, and often repeated activities on the cloud. Also, you can manage the business systems using Azure automation.

Also, it displays Microsoft Service-Management-Automation software, which developers may use to build, execute, and manage runbooks to integrate, orchestrate, and automate a complex IT business process.


Hopefully, you find this article informative. We have compiled the different services of Microsoft Azure. These services make Azure the fastest-growing cloud computing platform. However, multiple organizations use these services in their daily operation. Moreover, increased use of Azure by organizations is opening up new chances for professionals with similar interests. Therefore, to make a career in this technology, it is necessary to go for a Microsoft Azure Online Course in Kuwait.