It seems like cannabis is everywhere these days. Some people have told me that it’s even been found in chocolate bars. However, for some reason, very few people know exactly what it is. So here’s a rundown of the different ways one can consume cannabis!


The most popular way of consuming marijuana is through smoking it out of a pipe or joint. When you smoke marijuana from Cannabis Delivery in SOCAL, THC starts to enter your bloodstream immediately and will peak after about 10 minutes or so. You’ll feel the high within minutes too – sometimes even sooner if you draw the smoke into your lungs deeply and hold them there for several seconds before exhaling again.

Vape Pen:

By far, the most popular way to consume marijuana is through a vape pen. Vape pens are incredibly easy to use – once you’ve put your weed into the chamber, you simply screw the top on and inhale. As with smoking a joint or pipe, THC starts to enter your bloodstream right away but will peak after about 10 minutes or so.


The best way to take edibles is to cook them yourself. However, if you’re not up for the task, there are plenty of cookbooks available that are easy enough to follow. Just make sure to follow the recipe exactly and you should be fine.


For those who prefer inhaling smoke instead of eating it, there are several different ways to do. It including bongs and blunts, regular pipes with a bowl, and vaporizers made specifically for marijuana use.

What are the effects?

When you smoke, vape or eat weed, the effects are immediate and powerful. The effects of edibles vary between different people but usually include a mellow to energetic high that lasts as long as three to six hours. When you inhale, the effects will start almost immediately and a few minutes later peak. When you eat it, the effects are felt much later but can be much longer than eating it orally.

What are the benefits?

There are plenty of reasons why this plant is so revered, the most obvious being all of the health benefits. One of the most important benefits of consuming marijuana is that it helps combat nausea. Many cancer patients report feeling less nauseous and more able to manage the side effects of chemotherapy when they use marijuana.