Nearly everything has its good and badaspects.However, they aren’t dangerous, If you use them duly and in a limited volume. Whereas, when you do or use anything in redundant, it’s bound to come dangerous; there’s a general saying that excess of everything is bad.


Alcohol, as we all know, has been in use for numerous times. It has been used as a drink and as a medicine. But, now it has come a destructing factor for numerous families and the society over all. It has come a nuisance Alcohol addiction treatment in pune.

When effects are abused rather of being used, they beget numerousdamages.However, it has numerous benefits, If alcohol is taken in a certain volume. It’s good for heart conditions and for some other conditions as well. But, its inordinate use may indeed lead to death.


It may beget numerous endless and temporary damages to the person himself and his family, as well as the people around him. It fully depends upon the drinking habits. Some people take a many drinks sometimes, which doesn’t beget any detriment, if taken in a limited volume.

Numerous people are alcohol addicts, just like some people are medicine addicts. inquiries have shown that, if taken in a small volume, alcohol helps the brain to release some hormones that relieve anxiety. But, if taken in large volume, this affect doesn’t take place.


People who come alcohol dependents are generally called rummies. A person dependent on alcohol has the same feeling and jones

for further consumption as the medicine addicts have for the medicines.

Studies have shown that alcohol causes further than sixty types of conditions. Some of them may be temporary, but some are endless. Because of intoxication, a person becomes dangerous to the people around him, and this frequently leads to numerous accidents.


Alcohol abuse causes liver damage and numerous other physical diseases. There are numerous internal and cerebral problems that a person develops because of alcohol abuse; depression is one of the most common that a person may develop. This depression makes an alcohol insulated from people. In numerous cases, depression has lead to self-murder attempts.

An rummy can not serve without alcohol consumption, but when he takes too important, he come enraptured and can not achieve his targets. inordinate alcohol consumption leads to brain damage, which in turn causes numerous neuropsychiatric and Neurological blights.


These blights includes schizophrenia, hypomania, dysthymia, personality diseases, impairment of working memory, major depression, generalized anxiety complaint, impairment of administrative functions, impairment of emotion, phobias, impairment of visuospatial capacities, impairment of gait and balance, fear complaint and inclination towards self-murder.

The constant dependence on alcohol abuse may also beget brain loss, impairment of brain chemistry and madness. Not only this, it also stops growth of the brain cells; therefore, leading to loss of memory and injuring the literacy capacities. youths, who have a history of alcohol abuse, don’t show good progress in studies because of their literacy disability caused by inordinate alcohol consumption.


So, we can say that inordinate use of alcohol is inversely dangerous as medicine dependence . It should be avoided in anycircumstances.However, you must take them to the recuperation centre before any endless damage occurs, If someone among your family and musketeers is in this habit.