What is a fire-rated ductwork system? 

A design of ducts that prevents the spread of fire and smoke between the compartments of an HVAC unit. It stops a fire initially and prevents any possible damage. 

Delta fire rated ducting system (DFRD) is a coated ductwork system. The coating is designed especially for fire-rated ductwork for ventilation fire ductwork, smoke exhaust ductwork, car park ventilation ductwork, kitchen exhaust ductwork and pressurization ductwork. It is also suited for application over the rectangular ductwork fabricated out of galvanized steel and also that from mild steel and stainless steel.

Some features of fire rated ductwork are as below. These are the features that make fire rated ductworks suitable for multiple use. 

  • Ducts that are coated are installed as per specifications will be stable, show integrity and insulation. 
  • These ducts provide fire resistance for 2 hours.
  • These ducts have stability, integrity and insulation as per BS 476 part 24
  • They are durable ducts and have a decorative finish.
  • Coated ducts have a high resistance to impact, water, and UV. 
  • These ducts have a high-quality surface finish. 
  • The DFRD ducts are lighter in weight in comparison to the other kinds of ducts. 
  • They are cost-effective in comparison to other options that there are.  

It is clear that fire-rated ductwork systems are an excellent option for safety and smooth functioning of HVAC units. Fire rated ducts are important part of HVAC system and hence should preferably be sourced from a certified company. The reason is that a leading company will ensure good product quality, timely deliveries and excellent customer service. 

Delta Duct Air Conditioning is one of the leading fire rated ac duct coating manufacturers in UAE. Delta Duct has an excellent team of Engineers, technical staff. They ensure certified products and guaranteed 24*7 services.