Certainly everyone who has a MacBook or has heard about the brand associates it with great performance.

Although this is a truth related to Apple, the statement carries another important point: even MacBooks need to be up to date with maintenance to deliver what they promise.

Thus, it is always necessary to closely observe the health of your machine, both in terms of speed, storage capacity and image reproduction. And it’s this last point that we’re going to talk about today. After all, what are the main factors that can cause the MacBook screen to change?

Drops and damage to the screen structure

Especially when we think that the MacBook accompanies its user during tasks, we realize that care in transporting the equipment is essential.

However, when by some carelessness we do not protect your screen during transport, your MacBook may fall or hit surfaces that break your screen, in whole or in part.

Ultimately, from screen shock and scratches, the liquid that makes the “retina effect” possible can escape and deepen the need for MacBook repair services. So, the ideal behaviour for those who intend to transport their equipment is to always protect it with a case.

Contact with the sun and water

In addition to the danger of falling, excessive contact with the sun and water can render the screen unusable and overheat your machine. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid using your MacBook in environments such as beaches, swimming pools and derivatives. In this case, the ideal is to prioritize places that provide a milder temperature.

Furthermore, if you use your MacBook at home, we recommend that you never keep your device near the window and that you also use a support where the air passage is released. Thus, you elevate your MacBook and prevent it from overheating during use.

Flat cable problems

Another common problem when it comes to MacBook screen damage is the flat cable defect. It is through it that we can visualize the images correctly. So when it has some damage, the MacBook image may be scrambled or not appear at all.

So in these cases the equipment needs to be opened and analyzed so that we can determine the extent of cable damage and replace it.

How can Quik Fix Technologies help me to change my MacBook screen?

A trained and specialized team can facilitate the maintenance of your machine. So here at Quik Fix Technologies we take care of all types of notebooks and MacBooks. So when it comes to screen replacement, your equipment is sure to be in good hands.

In addition to using original components, giving a 90-day warranty, our technicians are able to deliver the complete service within a few hours of admitting the MacBook and approving the quote.

So, it is much easier and faster to have your equipment back and 100% repaired. Furthermore, our service model is very flexible, ranging from the person who prefers to visit our store to the person who wants to take advantage of the pick-up and drop-off service.

So, in the first case, we are ready to welcome you at City tower 2 1540 Sheikh Zayed road Dubai (with a special area so you can wait and follow the repair of your machine being done. On the other hand, our pick-up service has free shipping up to 30 KM serving the main regions of Dubai.

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