Hello to all online casino visitors to our baccarat casino page. Today, I’d like to take the time to learn about the online casino’s operating rules with you. Many people are aware that online casinos are various casino sites that provide casino games to you by constructing an online casino system in one location.

There are various types of casino sites, and baccarat sites, slot sites, and general casino sites are some examples. However, each of these companies has its own set of rules, and what we’ll be looking at this time is the rules for using online casinos, but did you know they also share something?


Yes, the common rules of use of online casinos that we will learn today will be obtained by researching various online casinos. Then let’s get this party started.

Baccarat on both sides is prohibited.
Both sides of baccarat will be the part that has been bothering the online casino company for quite some time. While some establishments permit both types of baccarat, the majority of establishments prohibit both types of baccarat.

We discovered this because there was a lot of bonus point and code abuse. The phrase “both sides” with bonus points refers to the fact that almost all online casino companies these days are comp and charging bonuses to users.

This is an example of abuse. When a user recharges an amount, for example, the company has a system that pays 3 to 10% bonus points proportional to the amount. So, with the principal and bonus points, it is now the act of taking advantage of the so-called bonus points on both sides 온라인카지노.


Then, if you play baccarat on both sides, you will accumulate comps. Comp is a percentage of bets accumulated as bonus points, and cases of bonus point abuse to obtain bonus points in this manner have occurred frequently in the past.

However, it is now common for users with a Korean code or a distributor to do both. It is difficult for both parties to take advantage of the bonus points, but it is also difficult to make a large profit, but if you bet on both sides of Baccarat using the Korean code, you can make a significant profit.

However, even on the online casino side, the system has been upgraded, and users who abuse the system, such as two-way betting, are often easily caught, and punishment cannot be avoided if caught.

Utilization of your own name

I recently learned that the number of people who use online betting companies under someone else’s name instead of their own is growing. The online company, on the other hand, wants to use it only in their own name.

Because blacklist members are unable to use the site under their own name, they attempt to use the site under a different name, and malicious acts frequently occur to undermine the security of the site under a different name.


What do you think about it if black members or maliciously accessing users cause harm to you or other users who are using them normally?

I’m not sure, but it wouldn’t be comfortable. And in most businesses, this is one of the most common scenarios. There are instances when a person is charged with an account and name that he or she has not registered.

The most important reason for forcing the use of one’s name has been confirmed: the company is forcing the use of one’s name in order to prevent impure cases in advance and to ensure thorough security.

Utilization of deposit partners

This is not related to the topic of online casino usage rules, but I noticed that online casino site users are frequently robbed by betting companies these days, so I included it in the same topic as today. Users nowadays frequently lose faith in online betting companies.

I’m not sure why, but I assumed that eating and drinking would have the greatest impact. It is natural for users to lose trust if they are scammed while using an online betting company that is not licensed in Korea in a world where such scams are common online, and even between users. do.

However, I recently learned that the casino deposit system is being activated by the community and advertising firms in preparation for such a scenario. If a user is used on a site where a deposit is deposited and is robbed by a company, the amount of money stolen from the advertising company or community where the deposit is deposited will be resolved from the deposit.

It appears safe to say that if you use such a company, your safety is guaranteed. As time goes on, online betting companies want to gain the trust of their customers.

We learned about online casino rules today. If you want to learn more, please visit the website, which contains a wealth of information.

Q&A about Online Casino Rules of Use

Are the above rules applicable to all online casinos?

It is impossible to say that all are the same. However, I can confidently state that 90-95 percent are common.