There are many services that Slickline Grande Prairie offers to its clients. In this article, you will know about the different services that you can hire them for. These services are efficient and available 24×7 for companies and farmers. There are four main services that the company offers, and these are as follows:

What is Rod Rigs?

There are many tools and equipment, as well as personnel, that go into the services of flush by Rod Rigs. The services are designed to reduce the time spent in taking care of the issues and also the money invested. The rod rigs will return the wells to full production in no time, and you can start production again. All the units used in the operations are equipped with hydraulic rod tongs that ensure the function of sucker rods during the operation. Well-maintained equipment and proper services are a trademark of the company.

What is Swabbing?

The tools and equipment of Slickline Grande Prairie help carry out swabbing in the rigs too. The process is suitable for old and new gas wells. The technique of swabbing helps you get rid of well-bore fluids so that well flow is restored. The swabbing service increases the production capacity of the well. The accumulation of too much liquid in the well should be avoided. Therefore, going for swabbing from time to time and scheduling it properly is important. Choose a company that covers large regions for swabbing and is highly recommended.

What is a Dewax wireline?

Dewax wirelines are also services designed to increase your good flow rate. The service ensures that the overall lifting costs are reduced. The Dewax wireline service reduces the number of restrictions on oil production. For example, the process gets rid of paraffin and asphaltene deposits so that oil production is increased. The waxy compounds are removed, and the production level of oil wells is maintained. The pipelines are dewaxed so that the flow is increased and productivity is high. With regular Dewax wireline services, you can optimize your oil production.

Why use Hot Oilers?

Hot oilers are great for melting wax and getting rid of all the wax that accumulates. However, the use of hot oilers can be for supplying hot water during oil spill clean-ups. The oilers can also be used for heating up water pipes. The service is also used to heat up motor oil for huge engines. Hot oilers come in use for slickline in Grande Prairie and operations of oil wells and machinery.

These are the services that you generally find with slickline providers in the Grande prairie region. If you are looking for a slickline in Grande Prairie region, contact Farm Boys Oilfield Services Inc today.

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