Every company’s client relationship is the foundation in an increasingly globalized and customer-centric economy. When it comes to establishing a high-performing EDO (Economic Development Organization), you must cater to all of the needs of both the leadership and the prospects for effective economic development. Although there are numerous CRM products on the market, they may not fit the specific needs of your economic development organization.


ProTRACKPlus is a CRM solution built specifically for EDOs by economic developers, and it includes six more tools that will meet all of your EDO management and reporting needs. Our staff has over 30 years of hands-on expertise in economic growth and knows just how to assist.

What can a good CRM system do for your EDO? - International Economic  Development Council

How Can a Good CRM be Helpful for EDO?


When it comes to EDOs, only CRM features are not enough to streamline and maintain the work. You need more add ons and modules that can ease everyday tasks for you while assisting you in business expansion.


ProTRACKPlus is committed to delivering a very intuitive, sophisticated, yet simple CRM solution that can assist you in forecasting the best terms of incentives to offer in order to win the transaction. You may quickly explore several situations and offer solutions to business leadership for approval using our proprietary tax and incentive calculators.


The software begins by assisting you in the management of projects, companies, and contacts. Additional modules can be added to create a tremendously intuitive system capable of putting all you need in one place. Our primary goal is to improve your EDO’s communication and transparency with your elected, appointed, and volunteer leadership. Our report generation function, document library, and document security features distinguish us as a one-of-a-kind software solution on the market today.


Here are a few things that a good CRM can do for your organization.


1. Offers Mobility

Good CRM increases mobility by allowing you to work from anywhere. Any cloud-based solution that allows you to be nimble and responsive – because it allows you to work from anywhere,and at any time – is worth the money. Because mobility is an essential feature, you can easily retrieve data, work on your tablet, mobile phone, or laptop, and respond to your leadership’s request even when you are not in the office.

2. Enhances Reporting 


Reports, data, and statistics can be requested by your prospects and leadership at any time. You should deliver reports to your stakeholders as an effective economic development organization. The CRM should also let you save the reports if you want to create them again in the future, which saves you time and frees you up for other important tasks.


3. Saves data Securely


When dealing with businesses and their data, it is critical to keep the information safe against data breaches. A good CRM should let you store financial accounts, deal papers, invoices, and any other documents containing confidential information about your prospects and stakeholders. 


4. Eases the Work

CRM for EDO should be  incredibly intuitive and feature-rich, so you won’t have to go through the inconveniences of scrolling and sliding every time you want to enter detail. This saves you the trouble of sifting through an unending sea of tabs to get important information.

5. Helps with BRE

Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) entails more than merely sending out surveys. The outlook has shifted as technology has advanced. And the pandemic has highlighted the need of digitization. If you want your BRE strategy to be successful, you must communicate clearly and respond quickly. The primary goal of BRE is to provide information resources and to foster partnerships.


Get the Ideal CRM for EDOs

ProTRACKPlus is the only tool you’ll need to manage and report on Projects, Contacts, and Companies. It’s incredibly intuitive, powerful, and customised for EDOs. It includes a full CRM solution as well as extra modules that make forecasting, reporting, managing, data storage, document management, and tax analysis simple. Share reports with the leadership in real time, estimate incentives, or calculate discounts; and, of course, everything is at your fingertips thanks to its mobile characteristics. Get a free demonstration today and see how ProTRACKPlus can help you streamline growth and wealth-building in your community.