Are you miserable because of your beautiful smile? Do you have nagging mouth pain that hinders you from enjoying life to the fullest? Missing teeth and tooth pain may ruin your day and your beautiful smiles. The root can be protected with procedures such as tooth-coloured fillings, dental bonding, and root canal therapy, but the tooth can only survive so much repair. Thus a dental crown may be the best solution for some.

Crown Types: Unless you’ve had a crown previously, you’re probably unfamiliar with the various crowns available and may wonder, “What is a crown?!?” Crowns are tooth caps constructed of various materials used to protect damaged or weak teeth. Your dentist may present you with a list of options for your dental crown for beautiful smiles, such as:

1-Porcelain & ceramic- Porcelain and ceramic crowns are aesthetically pleasing because they closely resemble natural teeth but are not as durable as the other crowns.

2-Metal-alloy crown- A mixed-metal crown made of gold and another metal compound such as silver, platinum, copper, or tin.

3-Porcelain- metal fusion provides a more durable bond than conventional porcelain. They’re popular among dentists because they’re long-lasting and combine the strength of a metal base with the cosmetic appeal of a porcelain surface.

4-Composite resin- These crowns are a less expensive choice, at least at first. These crowns resemble natural teeth, but if not properly cared for, they may wear down faster than conventional crowns.

Your dentist will build a temporary crown and place it in the afflicted area while you wait for your new crown. The temporary crown will be removed when it arrives, and the new crown will take its place and give beautiful smiles!

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